Anthem - Season of Skulls

Face Your Fears in Anthem’s Season of Skulls

The world of Anthem is filled with dangers – both known and unknown – lurking in every shadowed corner and around every bend. So when a mysterious fog creeps through the jungle and strange sounds are heard in the distance, you’d expect the residents of Bastion to cower behind the tall, protective walls of Fort Tarsis. Instead, they rise up and face the darkness – and a select few don their javelin exo-suits to fly straight into its path. Will you join their ranks? If so, read on and discover what awaits you in the new Season of Skulls!

What is the Season of Skulls?

This themed, season-long event gives players a chance to face unique challenges and claim awesome rewards. Fort Tarsis will be decorated with the massive skulls of some of Bastion’s most fearsome beasts and lit with huge celebratory bonfires. What else can you find within the fort’s walls? Spend a little time exploring and you may uncover some intriguing secrets about the season!

Anthem - Season of Skulls

Risks and Rewards

When you’re ready to suit up and head out into the misty jungle, you can choose to take on tough arenas or mysterious Anomalies to gain points, the season’s Crystal in-game currency, and a variety of rewards. To start your adventure choose either the “Season of Skulls” option on the Game Modes menu to begin a timed arena run or “Freeplay” (if it’s been unlocked) to face faction-themed (Arcanist, Freelancer, or Sentinel) Anomalies.

Arenas require a good strategy to truly master, especially if you want to maximize your score. Higher scores mean a place on global leaderboards – where you can show off to your fellow Freelancers – and more Crystals to spend on War Chests and other items at the seasonal store (Herschel’s Hut).

Anthem - Season of Skulls

Arenas are also subject to Inversions, modifiers applied by the game every week that change how you play. One week your weapons could do twice as much damage, or picking up ammo might increase your shields. Inversions are meant to change the way you play, rewarding different gameplay styles, but they won’t ultimately impact your score.

Anomalies will give you a chance to unlock tough “boss” events that will change weekly and offer up some of the best rewards. Completing weekly and seasonal challenges will let you get your hands on this season’s brand-new armor packs and vinyls. And increased Legendary drop rates combined with the opportunity to purchase a Legendary-only War Chest means more opportunities to secure the gear you really want.

Anthem - Season of Skulls

How to Begin

While there aren’t any level requirements for playing the Season of Skulls content, you will need to complete the “Incursion” story to gain access to the “Echoes of Reality” level and unlock “Freeplay” (the mode where you can freely roam through the world of Anthem). After that, you’ll be ready to join in the adventure (and rewards) of this challenging new season. So suit up and join the fight, Freelancer!

Anthem is now available on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.