Close to the Sun

6 Things We Learned About Nikola Tesla When Creating Close to the Sun, Available Now on Xbox One

Close to the Sun is an adventure horror game set in an alternative universe where Nikola Tesla’s inventions changed the world. We hear his name daily but what do you know about one of history’s greatest scientific minds? Here are a few things we found out and how they influenced the creation of Close to the Sun, which is out today on Xbox One!

You think that’s a cool idea? Tesla probably invented it already…

Tesla is known for AC which powers all of the Xbox Ones, TVs and everything else in our homes… he documented hundreds of ideas. While making Close to the Sun, we had an idea for remote controlled ships that would bring supplies and the game’s protagonist Rose aboard the Helios, pretty futuristic and outlandish for 1897, but when we started to research, we found… Tesla already invented it! Tesla worked on everything from radio to earthquake machines, pretty soon we learnt pretty much anything we thought of Tesla got there first!

Close to the Sun

He had a vision for a world without war

Tesla hated war and believed that the best way to prevent them was a weaponized deterrent, often promoting his research into the almost legendary “death beam,” a particle weapon so powerful it would end war forever. Effectively losing his industrial battles with Edison and dying penniless in room 3327 of the Hotel New Yorker in Manhattan. Tesla left a small wooden chest with the hotel as ‘collateral’ for his stay which they were instructed not to open. After his death a piece of basic electronic equipment of little value was found inside but you can see the Death Beam in-game in Tesla’s museum.

He had a certain fondness for Pigeons

Often considered to be vermin, Tesla treasured pigeons as some of his closest companions, bringing injured birds back to his hotel room to nurse back to health. He once spent more than $2,000 on a contraption to support a pigeon back to health, he wrote, “I loved that pigeon as a man loves a woman, and she loved me. As long as I had her, there was a purpose in my life.” His affection is no secret aboard the Helios and as you explore, you’ll be able to find his feathered friends along with little jokes from the Helios crew.

Close to the Sun

He always wore white gloves to dinner and was impeccable well dressed

Tesla loved fashion and prided himself on being a dapper dresser, wearing white gloves to dinner each and every night. We tried to bring just a bit of this style to the Helios in the standard issue ‘Wardenclyffe uniform all scientists wear on board.

Tesla wasn’t a fan of portraits but he loved statues

Tesla never liked portraits – only one was known to exist but mysteriously went missing, he did however like statues. Two were known to have been made during his lifetime – you can find a third in the Tesla museum aboard the Helios.

Close to the Sun

Tesla’s Research is still classified to this day

After Tesla’s death in 1943 the fantastically named Office of Alien Property went to his hotel room and seized all of Tesla’s papers and possessions, some of which are still classified to this day. What had this genius created? We try to imagine in Close to the Sun!

We hope you’ll join us aboard the Helios to experience our Teslapunk horror adventure when Close to the Sun launches on Xbox One today.