Generation Zero: Alpine Unrest

Generation Zero: Alpine Unrest Expansion Available Now on Xbox One


  • Generation Zero is an atmospheric first-person guerrilla action game set in an alternative 1980s Sweden, in a region called Östertörn
  • In Alpine Unrest, you’ve discovered an island off the east coast which holds more answers, deadlier machines, and new weapons
  • We’re excited to share this experience with you as we start expanding on the world of Generation Zero

Hi everyone, I’m here to talk about our exciting new expansion, Alpine Unrest. Taking place a month after the events of the original game, it unlocks a new island off the east coast with lots of new content for you to explore.

This is Generation Zero

First, a quick breakdown of the game for those of you who may be new: Generation Zero is an atmospheric first-person guerrilla action game set in an alternative 1980s Sweden, in a region called Östertörn.

The population of this peaceful rural setting vanished overnight, replaced by hostile machines who seem intent on killing anyone they meet. You set out into the vast open world, stumbling upon villages, bunkers, military installations and more, as you seek to uncover where these machines came from. During your travels, you find plenty of tools to help you in your encounters with this new enemy, including equipment to distract them and weapons to try your best to take them down. Additionally you have various skill trees that allow you to cater your abilities to better handle dangerous situations, and outfits to create your ultimate 80s fighter. If you ever feel that you need backup, you can always invite 1-3 friends to join you in your efforts.

Generation Zero: Alpine Unrest

The Island of Himfjäll

A month has passed since the events of the main game, and your search has led you to Himfjäll, an island off the east coast of Östertörn. Formerly a popular vacation spot for its towns, cafés, shops, and ski slopes, the island now stands abandoned, with only machines patrolling the area. Yet there might be more to this island than initially meets the eye.

The Search is Over

At the massive ski hotel Björntunet, you’ll find something invaluable – a small community of survivors who have managed to stay alive despite chaos outside. Their situation is far from good though, as the enemy is constantly on the lookout, making it next to impossible to leave their hotel hideout. Perhaps together though, you might be able to avoid them and find more answers.

Generation Zero: Alpine Unrest

Apocalypse Class Machines

While the situation on Himfjäll is slightly more positive given the addition of new allies, you’ve unfortunately encountered a new tier of machines. Much deadlier than their counterparts you have stumbled upon in the past, they seem designed to hunt down those who are left, overpowering any who try to fight back. Their weapons are horrible creations, including things like biochemical machine guns and flamethrowers. Even the mainland of Östertörn has become more unsafe, as these machines have started making their way there. Hopefully the new machine guns you’ve found during your exploration will be enough to take them down.

We’re excited to share this experience with you as we start expanding on the world of Generation Zero. We hope that you enjoy where things are headed, both with the story and the game itself. A lot has happened since launch and this expansion is a significant update based on the feedback that has come in along the way. We look forward to hearing about your time in Himfjäll!

Generation Zero® – Alpine Unrest

Systemic Reaction™

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It’s December of 1989, in the desolate forests and hills of the Swedish countryside. A month has passed since the population vanished overnight, and you have spent this time exploring the grim open world alone and with friends, sticking to the shadows to scavenge for equipment and weapons in your attempt to stay alive. All the while, you’ve identified the mastermind behind the events leading up to the attack and it has now led you to Himfjäll. This unexplored island off the east coast might hold more answers, and perhaps something even more valuable – other survivors. EXPANSION PACK FEATURES: HIMFJÄLL ISLAND Dusted from coast to coast in snow, this formerly popular ski resort now stands abandoned to the winds and the enemies roaming the area. There is much to discover though, from the cafés and shops of the small towns that pepper Himfjäll, to the ski slopes, trailer park campsites and thick pine forests that cover the island. Additionally, Björntunet stands as a key landmark, this once pleasant ski hotel now being used as a hideout. As long as you stay aware of your surroundings, who knows what you might uncover. YOU’RE NOT ALONE Himfjäll might be unexplored and highly dangerous, but there are also clear signs that more information about the machines and the whole situation can be found there. But above simple answers, you have found something infinitely better – a group of survivors who have through the skin of their teeth managed to survive against the machines. These are the first people you have come face to face with since that fateful day, and with each other’s help you might yet survive this invasion. MORE ACHIEVEMENTS & COLLECTIBLES The new area is covered in collectibles for you to find, from lost dictaphone journal entries to character biographies. Additionally, there are a whole new batch of achievements for you to try and complete. ADDITIONAL GAME FEATURES: APOCALYPSE CLASS MACHINES If you are not vigilant when making your way across the new island, you will sooner or later cross paths with what appears to be a new tier of machines. They bear clear resemblance to their lighter-armed counterparts, but are deadlier on a level previously unseen. Specifically designed by FNIX to hunt down any survivors and overpower any human that would try to fight back, the machines wield weapons so vile, they would be banned under the Geneva convention. From Hunters wielding flamethrowers to runners equipped with biochemical machine guns, you’ll need to rethink and rework your tactics to take these new enemies down. Be warned that Östertörn might no longer safe either, as these Apocalypse Class machines may have found their way to the mainland. EXPANDED ARSENAL Your quest for survival will require extensive exploration, and if luck is on your side, you might even stumble upon some new weapons for your arsenal. The KVM 89 Squad Automatic Weapon and KVM 59 Machine Gun can be found while searching around the island, so keep your eyes peeled. With the movement of the Apocalypse Class machines, there is also a potential chance of finding them on Östertörn as well.