Counting down the 50 Greatest Sea of Thieves moments from 2019

From heart-warming community stories to a treasure trove of hilarious gameplay videos, bucketloads of free content updates, including a massive Anniversary Update, to that monkey incident, 2019 has been quite the year for Sea of Thieves.

As we head towards the end of the year it’s time to sit back and celebrate all the awesome things that happened across the Sea of Thieves in 2019. Starting from the December 12, we’ll be sharing our Top 50 Sea of Thieves moments from the last year and celebrating the people who make the game what it is – our amazing community.

The countdown will begin on Thursday December 12, with moments 50-26 being released across our social media channels each day until the December 23. Then, settle in on Christmas Eve for a proper Sea of Thieves blowout as we exclusively reveal the entire top 25 through a special YouTube Premiere broadcast.

Hosted by our very own Jon McFarlane, Head of Video and Creator Engagement at Rare, this should be a fun and fond look back at the last twelve months. Don’t miss out – head for the Sea of Thieves forum or official Discord to discuss the top 50!

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The holiday fun doesn’t stop there! In case you missed it, our December update the Festival of Giving is now live with new voyages to undertake and rewards to earn alongside the Maiden Voyage, our all-new introductory adventure to the world of Sea of Thieves. For full details, check out the Festival of Giving page on our website or explore the full release notes. Additionally, follow Sea of Thieves on Twitter and Facebook for the chance to win swag in regular giveaways and check out our Christmas song ‘Deck the Hulls’, complete with our very own Creator Crew music video competition!

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