Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050: Survive the Winter

Snow has come to the New Frontier, and it has brought some fearsome enemies with it…

You grab your gear and hop in your Duni Shetarru AWD for a normal day of hunting Arkfalls for some new tech to sell. As you drive along, you start to notice a new terraforming anomaly – it’s snowing! Suddenly, an ark from the ark belt overhead comes crashing down and lands among the wintery landscape, and there isn’t much time to get there before any nature of baddies show up to claim its rewards. Lock and load Arkhunter, because this winter is no wonderland, and the Volge are out in full force to take down anyone in their path.

For four weeks, the Solstice Strike event will be active in Defiance 2050 bringing freezing snowy landscapes, and murderous Volge. Do you have what it takes to eliminate these enemies and grab your gear before more show up? And what is wrong with the Warmaster? He seems especially…..frosty.

Defiance 2050

What could possibly be worth going up against the Volge you ask? This event will bring with it new rewards, contracts, pursuits, prototypes and more!

Warm up your weapon with the new Frigid Impact Mod Fusion to shield against the cold wind. This new fusion type will leverage the power of your shield to deal massive damage to enemies. Once your shield is broken, you will deal damage to all enemies around you!

Defiance 2050

If groundbreaking tech is your thing, also stock up on the Aegis synergy. These synergy crystals will enhance your shield to never before seen capabilities. Increase your regen rate, while also providing significant stopping power proportionate to how much shield you currently have!

The holiday spirit has hit Paradise in the form of the Cheer Cannon prototype. Stop the Volge grinch with this brand new rocket launcher that fires holiday cheer in the form of festive trees. These trees will pierce through all enemies, and explode on impact with another surface. Get this prototype from the Paradise vendor during the event and let your holiday trees fly!

Defiance 2050

Want to enjoy the festive atmosphere with other Arkhunters? Then join us to sit together by the fire and enjoy the holiday mood and defeat all the grumpy Grinches and to grab some fantastic Christmas gifts!

Happy Holidays!!!

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Defiance 2050

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