Xbox Sessions: Ninja Teaches the Legend, Mark Hamill, the Ways of a Fortnite Master

To cap off 2019, we teamed together a legendary entertainment icon with one of the most recognizable faces of today’s gaming generation as they spread holiday cheer around the island in Fortnite. For the first time ever, Mark Hamill met Ninja in the latest episode of Xbox Sessions, which is all about pros helping celebs up their game. Did Mark channel his lovable “HoHoHoHamill” persona (like his Twitter namesake), or was he more villainous like The Joker from his memorable voice acting in “Batman: The Animated Series?”

Throughout the session, Ninja showed Mark the ropes in Fortnite. Ninja wasn’t alone, however, as Mixer streamer, Simby, joined the fray and threw down some Fortnite pro tips of her own. Ninja and Simby helped train Mark in using his weapons and traversing the Fortnite island.

Between battles, Mark shared with Ninja what it’s like to voice act for video game characters and how a video game script is so different from a TV or movie script. Mark also told stories about his own gaming history with his sons Griffin and Nathan, saying “gaming was a bonding experience when they were young.” You’ve got to check out the episode to hear about the first video game console in the Hamill house and what game Mark stayed up night after night to beat…. which his sons conquered almost immediately. Check out the episode to see who had the first elimination. If it was Mark, does that make him a better Fortnite player than Ninja? We’re not saying that’s the case, but we’re not not saying it!

Check out the full episode featuring Mark Hamill and his sons, Ninja and Simby available now on the Mixer Xbox Channel and YouTube Xbox Channel. Fortnite and the various goodies for the holiday season – including chill outfits from the Polar Legends Pack including Codename E.L.F., The Devourer, Frozen Nog Ops, Frozen Fish Stick and more; along with new gliders, pickaxes, wraps and emotes – are available December 23 for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store, so be sure to grab them when you can. Click here for details and download today.

Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more upcoming episodes of Xbox Sessions next year!