This Week on Xbox - 2020

This Week on Xbox: February 7, 2020

We know you’re busy and might miss out on all the exciting things we’re talking about on Xbox Wire every week. If you’ve got a few minutes, we can help remedy that. We’ve pared down the past week’s news into one easy-to-digest article for all things Xbox! Or, if you’d rather watch than read, you can feast your eyes on our weekly video show above. Be sure to come back every Friday to find out what’s happening This Week on Xbox!

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: Final Fantasy XV, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and Death Squared
We teased on Twitter that February was going to be a really, really good month, and I am here to confirm its really good status. We’ve got games, we’ve got betas, we’ve got Xbox Game Pass Quests, and we’ve even got a leap day in the month to play… Read more

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC: Final Fantasy XV, Bleeding Edge Beta, and More
For those of you still new to this whole “Hey, Xbox Game Pass for PC is announcing more games” thing since you joined us last month after our 3 months for $1 offer, I say welcome! We do this regularly. To be honest, it’s pretty much our thing… Read more

Xbox Game Pass Quests Hero Image

Welcome to the Next Chapter of Xbox Game Pass Quests
Today, we are launching a massive update to Xbox Game Pass Quests, giving you more Quests, more ways to earn, and more points. We have listened to your feedback and enlisted the help of our valuable Insider community to bring the best possible Quest experience… Read more

Cruz Brothers – Combat School Edition: Where Boxing Meets Fantasy on Xbox One
Today, we’re happy to announce that Cruz Brothers is coming to Xbox One! The whole team from DCF Studios is excited to bring the game to Xbox in its best shape and form with Cruz Brothers – Combat School Edition. Cruz Brothers’ concept was born around 2015… Read more

ScourgeBringer Key Art

Slash, Dash, and Smash! ScourgeBringer is Available Now with Xbox Game Pass for PC
My co-developer Florian and I started working on ScourgeBringer two years ago (or 100 weeks and 567 pizzas ago, to be precise) and can’t wait to finally get it in the hands of Xbox Game Pass for PC players! ScourgeBringer is a fast-paced, free-moving rogue-like platformer… Read more

Azur Lane and British Cruisers in World of Warships: Legends on Xbox
The first feature update of 2020 for World of Warships: Legends is filled to the brim with new content! The British nation received a completed cruiser tech tree, there’s a new campaign for players to tackle, and a bunch of new commanders and special camos arrived… Read more

Wargroove: Double Trouble

Team up with a Friend in Wargroove: Double Trouble, a Free Expansion Available Now on Xbox
We’re starting 2020 off with a bang – our massive free content expansion, Wargroove: Double Trouble, is available on the Microsoft Store right now! If you haven’t heard of Wargroove already, it’s a turn-based strategy game for up to four players… Read more

Dive into Deep Silver’s Selection of Delectable Delights
A veritable feast of games from Deep Silver go on sale today on the Microsoft Store, with numerous installments from the highly regarded Saints Row, Metro, and Dead Island series all enjoying unprecedented savings of up to 80% off. Put on your gas masks… Read more

Free Play Days - February 6

Free Play Days – Surviving Mars, Dead by Daylight: Special Edition, and Secret Neighbor
Free Play Days is back with more fun games for you to play! This weekend, Xbox Live Gold members can play three great games that Ultimate members have been enjoying for months. Colonize and unlock the mysteries of the Red Planet in Surviving MarsRead more

Vigor ‑ Season 2 Brings Hunters to the Outlands
Hei, Outlanders! Vigor starts a new Battle Pass season and you can be part of it. We decided to make it easier to keep track and the current season number is always displayed in the version of the game. That means we just released Update 2.0: Hunters… Read more

GDC 2020 - Gaming for Everyone

GDC 2020: Gaming For Everyone Community Events
Xbox is excited to return to bring back their Gaming for Everyone community focused events during Game Developers Conference 2020. This is a big year for our communities with milestones worth celebrating. We have a new event this year, Asians in Gaming… Read more

Exploring the World of Thra in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, Available Now on Xbox
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics
 is now available for purchase on the Microsoft Store! The world of Thra was first introduced in Jim Henson’s groundbreaking 1982 movie, “The Dark Crystal,” and was the backdrop of the critcally-acclaimed Netflix Original Series… Read more

Zombie Army 4

Six Reasons to Pick Up Zombie Army 4 Today on Xbox One
Hi everyone! I’m delighted to be here celebrating the launch of Zombie Army 4: Dead War on Xbox One. We know loads of you have been waiting patiently to slay Hitler’s undead hordes all over again! We also haven’t forgotten about those who are new to the series… Read more

Sink Your Teeth into Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (Game Preview) Today on Xbox One
Ever fancied commanding your own darkly violent army of vampires? Well we have, and in Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars, that’s exactly what you’re going to do too. And the best part? You can play it for yourself right now in Game Preview on Xbox OneRead more

Next Week on Xbox

Next Week on Xbox: New Games for February 11 to 14
Welcome to Next Week on Xbox, where we cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox One! Every week the team at Xbox aims to deliver quality gaming content for you to enjoy on your favorite gaming console. To find out what’s coming soon to Xbox One, read on… Read more