Project xCloud Preview Update: Enabling You To Discover And Play More Games

Over the past couple of months, we’ve received some great and insightful feedback on how people are playing games in the Project xCloud preview. We’ve read anecdotes about picking up an old favorite on a lunch break or finally getting to that game that’s been sitting in your back-log. We also heard that many of you have enjoyed a new game that wasn’t previously on your radar.

We want to help all of you discover that next great adventure while making it as easy as possible to view the game and jump in. To do so, we’re rolling out a new feature to Project xCloud preview starting today for Android phone and/or tablet users in all preview markets.

When you open up the Xbox Game Streaming preview app, you’ll see a set of trailers for five different games you can swipe through at your leisure. As you watch the trailer, the game will load in the background and if a particular game catches your eye, you can jump in and play or keep searching for something else.

We’ll continue to mix in new trailers to keep things fresh and to help you try something new.

The Project xCloud preview is all about iterating, getting your input, and continuing to build great experiences. Please test this feature out and provide feedback to let us know what you think of it. You can provide feedback in the app and help us shape the future of game streaming. You can also join the conversation on Reddit. Or hit me up on Twitter and tell me what you think.

For more information about Project xCloud preview program, check out the website here.