Celebrate Warframe’s Seven-Year Anniversary with Free In-Game Gear Every Weekend in March

We’re feeling lucky today, Tenno. Warframe is seven years strong today, and we want to share our birthday in the most generous way we know how — by giving out free gifts and by calling on you to help create the next Warframe.

Free Anniversary Dex Armor Set +

To celebrate this seven-year anniversary achievement with you, we’re giving away free in-game armor, weapons, and skins. For this year’s special Dex Raksaka armor, all you have to do is launch Warframe and log in. That’s it! Once in, the Dex Raksaka armor, including the Dex Raksaka shoulder guards, chest guard, and knee guards, will appear in your inventory.


That’s just an appetizer. For each of the following weekends in March, you will receive in-game alerts encouraging you to earn the original Dex rewards and a new glyph by month’s end. These rewards include the previous Dex weapons and weapon slots, glyphs, syandanas, skins, noggles, and more.

Calling All Tenno!

We originally called upon our players and our Community Design Council in 2013 to create Nova, the first community-generated Warframe. Today, nearly seven years later, we’re calling on players once again — that’s you, Xbox Tenno! — to come together to create one. Drawing from your own initiative, creative instincts, and wild ideas (because there are no dull Warframes), our call for submissions enables you to contribute to the look and feel of the next suit.


A little side note for super dedicated players: The Design Council is a group of Founders and passionate players the development team goes to when they need specific Warframe feedback or ideas. Through forum polls, open calls, and feedback threads, the Design Council has helped shape Warframe. So, if you’re really dedicated, the group has grown over seven years, with invites sent monthly to players who are highly active in the community.

Here’s how the two-part process works: Players can submit their original Warframe visual themes through our forums. The top 10 best themes will be whittled down to one, as chosen by the Community Design Council. Then, independent Warframe artist Eorheit will formally generate the winning theme. A special Alt-Helmet will be designed by TennoGen artist Faven, and then players will be prompted to submit “Ability” designs (Abilities are the four dedicated special powers of each Warframe). The winner of the Theme category and fan artist Eornheit will then be flown to Digital Extremes’ London, Ontario studio to see their creation brought to life!


Other Festivities

We’ve launched a special anniversary microsite (find it on Warframe.com) that tells our story. It features highlighted community memories, big moments and reveals, and emotion-laid player reactions to our game’s evolution during the past seven years. Don’t miss some of these magical moments!

Today’s celebrations offer even more fun… but in the form of merch. You can buy commemorative real-world physical items — a highly stylized Japanese-influenced, numbered poster, and a distinctive seven-year anniversary pin and T-shirt — to show your spirit!


In all, today is a special day we want to celebrate with you. Whether it’s through free gifts, collaborating on the next Warframe, taking a stroll down memory lane, or putting on Warframe colors, we’re proud of your support through seven wild years of development! Thanks for joining us, Tenno. We hope to see you shooting, looting, and leveling up in Warframe soon.

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