Digital Tentacle Bundle Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Digital Tentacle Bundle

Rendercode Games

This bundle contains two original puzzle games from indie studio Digital Tentacle. In Circuits, your goal is to piece together the different parts of a song. Careful listening is required to complete each level. Packed with beautifullly designed minimal graphics, and 25 different songs for the player to reconstruct, mixing electronic ambient, dubstep, and epic orchestra. In Captain Cat, you use an anchor as a hook to fish for the delights and treasures hiding at the bottom of the sea, facing many mysterious dangers along the way. Featuring simple one-button controls, appealing cartoon characters, and 75 levels with extra challenges.
Product Info:
Developer: Digital Tentacle
Publisher: Rendercode Games
Website: Games by Rendercode Games
Twitter: @DigitalTentacle / @RendercodeGames