More Details About Xbox Series X

Today we share more details about Xbox Series X. We’ve got a couple of YouTube videos (embedded below) posted on the Xbox YouTube channel and over at Xbox Wire in a number of new videos and articles. In addition, we invited Digital Foundry and Austin Evans to our campus and their videos/reports are linked below as well. I will be sure to let you know when pre-orders are available later this year:

Xbox Series X: A Closer Look at the Technology Powering the Next Generation

Xbox Series X: What’s the Deal with Latency?

Xbox Series X: Making Gaming’s Best Controller Even Better

Defining the Next Generation: An Xbox Series X Technology Glossary

We also had @digitalfoundry on campus and shared more details about Xbox Series X with them. Here is an article they published:

Inside Xbox Series X: the full specs

Watch the Digital Foundry YouTube video here:

And here’s a YouTube video from Austin Evans, the popular YouTuber who makes videos about upcoming or popular tech, including phones, laptops, gaming consoles, and headphones. 

For all the latest news on Xbox Series X, check out Xbox Wire and follow me on Twitter.