Black Desert

Discover the Legend of the Dragons with Black Desert’s Newest Region, Drieghan

Black Desert has opened a brand-new region for its adventurers to explore on Xbox One. The region of Drieghan’s mythical peaks and pristine waterfalls conceal a deep history of ancient wars between humans and dragons that eradicated the last of the dragons, save one.

Long ago, Drieghan was inhabited by the powerful Sherekhans who slew the dragons that terrorized the land in the Great Battle. Although victorious, many Sherekhans lost their lives. To commemorate those lost, and immortalize their victory, they created the Sherekhan Necrolopis – a vast graveyard with a Sherekhan statue paying homage to their sacrifice. Many moons later, it is rumored there are still artifacts hidden deep in the Necrolopis that reveal the secrets of the Sherekhan and the Great Battle.

Although the Sherekhan believed that they had rid the land of dragons, there was one that escaped with grievous injuries. Garmoth, the Crimson Dragon, survived the battle and escaped to his own corner of Drieghan, now known as Garmoth’s Nest. The people of Drieghan have long feared the day Garmoth regains his full strength and seeks vengeance for his fallen brethren. Adventurers from across the realm must travel to Garmoth’s Nest to defeat the dragon before he begins his reign of fury.

Black Desert

Away from the desolate wilds of Garmoth’s Nest is Drieghan’s capitol city, Duvencrune. Known as the Dragon’s Tooth or the Jewel of Drieghan, Duvencrune is a bustling metropolis surrounded by mountains. Protected by geography and diplomacy, Duvencrune has no military of its own. It relies on its location for defense, as it would be near impossible for an army to navigate such treacherous terrain. Along with its geographical advantages, Duvencrune has built strategic relationships with surrounding neighbors, offering access to lumber resources in return for protection.

Duvencrune has many treasures for the passing Adventurer. It is particularly known for its legendary blacksmiths, who use secret methods dating back to the Sherekhan to produce powerful weaponry – dragon-slaying weaponry. Additionally, if you are lucky enough to discover, and successfully extract a Lakiaro plant, vendors across the realm will pay up to 100 million silver for the exquisite flower! Travelers should also be on the lookout for new magical crystals that can be discovered in Drieghan. These crystals, originally developed by the Sherekhans, Macalod, Hoom, and Gervish, can become energized when multiple of the same Combined Magic Crystals are equipped in gear.

The vast region of Drieghan is mysterious, treacherous, and full of opportunity. Adventurers from across the realm can explore Drieghan, along with its many mysteries, starting today on Xbox One. So, Adventurers, mount your horses and prepare to ride off into the Drieghan mists!

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