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First Details on World of Tanks: Valor

Are you ready for a challenge? The next major milestone in World of Tanks on console is coming, with bigger rewards than ever! We’re ready to learn about all this and more as we sit down for an interview with Global Publishing Producer Brian Konar. Grab a fresh cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice) – let’s talk Tanks!

Community Manager Arlette Resendiz: World of Tanks on console is over six years old! Tell us who you are and how do you keep the game experience fresh and exciting over the years?

Global Publishing Producer Brian Konar: Great question! I’m Brian Konar, global publishing producer on what is currently World of Tanks: Mercenaries. My main focus these days is working with our live operations team for events, content and sales. We spent a lot of time last year putting together our seasonal games approach which were a resounding success – players were having tons of fun, earning great content and playing more than ever! The feedback has been exceptional, and we’re about to take that to the next level.

Arlette: For someone who is new to World of Tanks – why might they enjoy this game?

Konar: World of Tanks is a free to play game which is great for those looking for something new to try without any commitment. When you jump in, you’ll find the controls intuitive and easy to learn. As you spend more time in the game though you’ll realize there is quite a bit of depth to the gameplay and every tank line is unique – offering a truly challenging to master experience!

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The game is unlike anything else out there – it combines strategy, tank knowledge, map awareness and team play elements for a really engaging experience. The progression systems from tech trees to crews are extremely rewarding, and you’re always looking forwards to that next tank unlock! It’s a ton of fun.

Arlette: What’s next for World of Tanks?

Konar: We’re always working on exciting updates for our community. Next week kicks off our all new World of Tanks: Valor event where players will be able to earn rare tanks and other exclusive content, totally free. We think players are going to love it.

Beyond this unique event, players should be excited to see continual updates to the game with unique content & mechanics, improvements to core systems and balance, and some exciting collaborations we can’t talk about just yet but can’t wait to reveal!

World of Tanks

Arlette: Wait, World of Tanks: Valor!?

Konar: Yes! This next milestone is a big deal – we’re rethinking the way we approach the game and how we work with our community and to show we’re serious we’re updating to World of Tanks: Valor. We want our players to feel challenged, and to be rewarded for that challenge. Our audience has been asking for this, and we’re going to bring it! We’ll be known as World of Tanks: Valor moving forwards, and we’ve got some other surprises to look forwards to in the next months. I know this phrase gets thrown around a lot but seriously – players are going to love what’s coming.

Arlette: What can players expect with World of Tanks: Valor?

Konar: World of Tanks: Valor is the start of the next phase in our journey with World of Tanks. We’re embracing some new concepts and approaches which are highly rewarding to players while giving them a challenge that they can be proud to conquer. Four unique, exclusive tanks will be available to earn throughout this event on top of even more highly valuable rewards. The gameplay is challenging, the rewards are awesome, and the sense of accomplishment is epic. We can’t wait for players to enjoy this new event and see what we have up our sleeve next!

World of Tanks

Arlette: Any final words?

Konar: World of Tanks: Valor is going to be awesome, players who answer the call are going to be more rewarded than ever with some of the coolest, newest and most exclusive tanks we have available. This is just one step in the journey – the months ahead are going to bring a lot of updates and content that our community have been asking for. We’re excited about the pipeline and this is not just hyperbole. Get ready for the journey ahead Commanders, we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Awesome stuff! Thanks so much for your time, Brian, and also a huge thanks to all our readers. There’s a lot to look forward to in World of Tanks: Valor and beyond, and we hope this first look whets your appetite for even more. Be sure to keep an eye on for all the latest info on in-game events and content updates. Roll out!

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