Retro Action Arcade Shooter Huntdown Coming to Xbox One May 12

Hello Xbox community!

Our ’80s action movie turned co-op arcade shooter Huntdown is launching on the Microsoft Store on May 12, and I wanted to take some time to introduce you to our badass 16-bit baby.


In Huntdown, players must run, jump, shoot and take cover in the mayhem-filled streets of the future. You play as one of three bounty hunters, in two player co-op, or alone, thrown immediately into the criminal underworld to stop the gangs controlling the dystopian, graffiti-filled streets. Visually, Huntdown is drawn by hand, pixel by pixel. The game’s design is thoroughly made like a 16-bit game from the old days, but with modernized fluid gameplay.

The concept and world we’ve built in Huntdown is heavily inspired by our favorite action movies and sci-fi pictures from the 1980s like “Blade Runner,” “Robocop,” and “The Terminator.” From our cheesy bounty hunter one liners to synthesized soundtrack, we’ve tried to deliver a world and action comedy feel that captures the grit and style of these properties.


Our bounty hunters are the stars of Huntdown. Anna Conda is an ex-commando and firearms expert and a bit of a loose-cannon, trained to assassinate without question or mercy. Mow Man is a modified recon droid who was stolen and empowered with banned software, creating the ultimate killing machine. John Sawyer is an ex special forces cop who left the law behind, he’s lost so many limbs in combat this scarred veteran is practically half robot. You can play as any combination of the bounty hunters at the start of each of our 20 levels.

Each gang in Huntdown has their own unique characteristics and confronting them means different strategic gameplay. The Hoodlum Dolls: Violent feral punks winning the gang war with the toothless authorities and the Misconducts are organised hockey hooligans focused on robbery and extortion. The Heatseekers are a murderous rockabilly motorcycle club who take inspiration from the Centurions of ancient Rome, and the NO.1 Suspects are martial arts experts controlling organized crime from casinos and nightclubs.


Each level ends with a gang boss you have to eliminate in order to collect your bounty and unlock the next level, just like a classic linear arcade setup. Each gang and boss has a ton of weapons and they all give you different tactical options in order to approach the enemy.

Huntdown first began taking shape in late 2015 when we were having a discussion about gaming on the old computers and consoles we grew up with, and how a lot of the best features from these old beloved games have been lost somewhere by game developers since. We created a list of in-game features that we liked and then carefully decided on how to present these features together to create a modern game with a retro feel. We’ve spent five years developing a game that’s a homage to all things ’80s action, and we’re super excited to finally launch on May 12.

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Xbox One X Enhanced
Crime doesn’t pay – Unless you’re a bounty hunter! In the mayhem-filled streets of the future where criminal gangs rule and cops fear to tread, only the bounty hunters can free the city from the corrupt fist of felony. Lay waste to the criminal underworld and make a killing in this hard boiled action comedy arcade shooter. Key Features: Hunt solo or give suppressive fire and advance on the enemy together in co-op as you run, jump, and take cover in the neon soaked, graffiti strewn 80s inspired cityscapes. Hand painted 16-bit pixel art graphics and hand-drawn animations combined with fluid action-packed 60-FPS gameplay and an epic synthesized soundtrack. Huntdown everything from feral punks to organised hockey hooligans, this game is riddled with 16-bit bad guys and crime bosses, each with their own stomping ground to reclaim, and arsenal of weapons to confiscate.