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Rainbow Six Siege Brings the ‘20s Roaring Back in The Grand Larceny Event

Rainbow Six Siege is getting dapper with The Grand Larceny, a special in-game event available to Xbox Live Gold members from now until May 19. Inspired by Jazz Age British mobsters, the event introduces a new game mode, Stolen Goods, in which two teams of five Operators clash over cash-filled safes. The action unfolds in a version of the Hereford map, which has been overhauled to fit a Roaring ‘20s theme as well as to remove many of the metal support beams that prevented players from dropping through breakable floors.

The rules of The Stolen Goods are straightforward: the Attackers need to grab and open safes (or wipe out the Defenders) to win, while the Defenders need to defend the safes and take down the Attackers. Everyone knows where the safes are. Everyone gets a shotgun as their main weapon. And unlike other modes, there’s no prep phase for the Defenders or spy drones for the Attackers – just fast, high-stakes firefights for filthy lucre.

Rainbow Six Siege

The event is playable as most of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operators, and 10 of them are getting into the spirit of the event with new outfits: Defenders Maestro, Kaid, Echo, Warden, and Wamai, and Attackers Gridlock, Maverick, Hibana, Fuze, and Amaru. They’ll automatically sport their era-appropriate threads when playing The Stolen Goods, and you can score Grand Larceny packs to use the new uniforms, weapon skins, and headgear – 31 pieces in all – on a more permanent basis.

These packs can be earned by completing special challenges during the event, or by purchasing them with R6 Credits or Renown. Players can also grab the Roaring Riches Bundle during the event, which includes a Crafted Six charm and Deco Artistry signature weapon skin. It all ends on May 19, so jump in and experience tense, 1920s-style smash-and-grab action while you can.

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