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Capcom Announces Resident Evil Village and Pragmata for Xbox Series X

Capcom has been on quite a roll over the last few years, particularly with its critically acclaimed Resident Evil series. By updating classic titles like Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 for the modern era, Capcom gave old fans a great reason to dive back in while welcoming new fans with two of the best remakes of the generation. Today, they announced that they’ll be jumping back into the Resident Evil pool, this time with a brand-new title built for Xbox Series X. What’s more, they also teased their first brand-new IP in four years: an action-adventure game called Pragmata.

Titled Resident Evil Village, this new story is the sequel to 2017’s Resident Evil 7 biohazard, which was notable for being the first flagship Resident Evil title to put players directly in a hero’s shoes via a first-person perspective. In Resident Evil Village, players will take on the role of protagonist Ethan Winters as he pushes the limits of survival in a horrific village.

In addition to sticking to its deeply immersive first-person perspective, Resident Evil Village will feature an emphasis on action gameplay elements while setting the bar for next-gen survival horror. You can be sure it’ll look great too, with gorgeous photorealistic visuals made possible with Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine. Resident Evil Village is scheduled for release in 2021 on Xbox Series X.

As for Pragmata, it’s an action-adventure title that depicts a near-future dystopian world on the moon, presented through a deeply profound story. The game will take full advantage of next-generation platform features and Capcom has already said that it aims to establish Pragmata as one of its core brands. We’ll have to wait a bit to learn more, as Pragmata is planned to be released on Xbox Series X in 2022.

The next generation is already shaping up to be an exciting one for Capcom and we can’t wait to play Resident Evil Village and Pragmata on Xbox Series X. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more details!