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World of Tanks: Valor Honors D-Day with In-Game Events and Rewards


  • World of Tanks: Valor, the historical tank-based shooter, is paying tribute to the heroism of soldiers during D-Day with in-game events for all players
  • Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran tanker, the Overlord Earn Op event will offer all players alike an opportunity to earn a brand-new vehicle just by playing
  • Players can enjoy additional Earn Op rewards, a commemorative tank emblem, and a bonus XP weekend to help them progress through the vehicle tech trees

Since its launch, World of Tanks: Valor has been the go-to title not just for gamers who love decimating their opponents in explosive tank-on-tank battles, but also for gamers who hold a deep regard for military history.

This week, in honor of the June 6 anniversary of D-Day and the courageous heroes who fought at Normandy, we’re launching all-new chances for players to earn rewards for their dedication on the battlefield!

We begin with the Overlord Earn Op, available for all players to complete and earn the Diamondback Mk. 1 Tank Destroyer as the ultimate reward!

Just like several vehicles in World of Tanks: Valor, the Diamondback Mk. 1 is based on historical records. The Diamondback vehicle was designed in 1943 as a monster tank to decimate enemy fortifications. Although the actual Diamondback never existed beyond its blueprints, it has now found its way onto the battlefields of World of Tanks: Valor. Jump in and take it out for an explosive ride!

The Diamondback Mk. 1 is a British Tier VIII Tank Destroyer with an incredible gun. With its rapid rate of fire and wide arc, this gun is made to rain destruction on the field. Pair that with the Diamondback’s sturdy frontal armor, and you’ve got a steadfast vehicle that’s built for battle!

So how do you earn the Diamondback Mk. 1? By playing all the way through the Overlord Earn Op! From today until June 16, earn as much XP as you can across multiplayer battles to fulfill a series of stages. We’ve set out a series of XP goals; for each goal you reach, you’ll earn some choice rewards, including Silver, XP Boosts, and much more. You can claim the Diamondback Mk. 1 once you complete the final stage!

To continue to highlight this moment of remembrance, our players will be able to customize their tanks with the honorable June 6, 1944 Emblem to pay tribute to those who served on D-Day.

And that’s not all. We also have a weekend of X3 XP coming your way! From June 5 through 7, you can earn three times the XP on your first win with every tank you play. Remember, XP is essential for players to progress through the tank tech tree lines! Log in and put your skill to the test!

This is a significant time for new players to join the World of Tanks: Valor community. Join the rest of our commanders and play the game to take advantage of the Overlord Earn Op.

We’re offering these commemorative specials in addition to our usual weekly specials and events, so we hope you’ll join us on the field as we salute the strong and the brave. Roll out!

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