Full Steam Ahead As Sea Of Thieves Community Continues To Grow

Just over a week ago, Sea of Thieves set sail on Steam, welcoming a whole new community of pirates onto the waves to seek adventure and the chance to become a Pirate Legend.

It’s been wonderful to see the reaction to the game from the Steam community, and we were thrilled to see Sea of Thieves become the number one bestselling game on its day of release. That positivity has continued, with all those Steam players spending more than 3.5 million hours in the game by the end of its first week, helping Sea of Thieves break into the top 20 most played games by concurrent player count.

Our new Steam community joins us from all over the world, representing 149 different countries as of June 11. These multinational pirates become part of an already diverse and vibrant community, playing both alongside and against players coming in from Xbox One, Game Pass and the Windows 10 Store. The barrier to adventuring with your friends has never been lower.

On behalf of everyone at Rare, I’d like to welcome all our new players to the community and wish them many happy hours of sailing and adventuring.

A Little Help Finding Your Sea Legs

With so many new crews taking their maiden voyage on the Sea of Thieves, we’ve recently dedicated some time to creating a new resource that’ll help first-time or lapsed players get up to speed with the ways of pirating.

Our Sea of Thieves New Player Guide is designed to give you a great grounding in the game, letting you know what to expect and offering tips on how to get the most from your Voyages. Covering everything from the bare-bones basics to great ways of finding new crewmates, it’s an essential tool for anyone taking their first steps on the path to Pirate Legend! Download the PDF for free here.

Thanks again for playing, newcomers and seasoned sailors alike, and we’ll see you all on the seas!

New to Sea of Thieves? Join the fun with our Maiden Voyage, a narrative-driven tutorial experience separate from Adventure and Arena modes. New Sea of Thieves players will begin their travels within this scenario, which provides guidance and information to fledgling sailors.  Learn more about Sea of Thieves at www.xbox.com/seaofthieves and our Steam page, or join the ongoing adventure at www.seaofthieves.com where you can embark on an epic journey with one of gaming’s most welcoming communities!