Dungeons 3

Embrace Your Inner Evil! Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection is Coming to Xbox One June 26

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Three spiritual values that have absolutely no place in the world of Dungeons 3. Forget everything you’ve ever seen and heard in the altruistic, goody two-shoes fantasy adventures you’ve played before – it’s time to be selfish, mean and downright greedy, because Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection is launching June 26 on Xbox One, packing every DLC expansion and update released to date in one almighty, fire-breathing, beer-guzzling package.

Dungeons 3

If you haven’t played a Dungeons game before, the clue’s in the name. This is a real-time strategy game where you build an expansive subterranean lair filled to the brim with all manner of rooms, traps, and systems to accomplish three very important and underhanded goals:

  1. Assemble and manage the nastiest, most diabolical group of minions to ever skulk in the shadows
  2. Lure and annihilate the forces of good that dare set foot in your underground abode
  3. Venture forth into the sickeningly pleasant fantasy overworld and conquer every corner of it, once and for all
Dungeons 3

The core gameplay of Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection is broken up into two main parts. First and foremost is the dungeon-building element, where you’ll design your lair to perfection, constructing various rooms for creating and managing your ever-expanding roster of minions. To do this, you’ll need to manage your basic workers, the Snots – who…let’s just say aren’t the most motivated of workers. The little slackers can often be found dozing or getting distracted – thankfully, a glug of beer or a swift slap from your own terrifying armoured hand is often enough to get them moving again, but you’ll soon find you can’t take your eye off them for too long.

All of this is served up with the series’ trademark sense of humour, which is once again delivered in the wonderful tones of the Dungeons narrator, voiced by the one and only Kevin Brighting, of The Stanley Parable fame. The game is constantly poking fun at itself and I’m sure that fantasy fans out there will be sure to pick up on the little nods, hints and cameos that we’ve put in there from our favourite games and movies. The fourth wall is there to be broken too, with the main campaign’s story spinning its own epic (and ridiculous) tale across not just the core game but all seven included DLC expansions.

Dungeons 3

The game centres around the misadventures of the Dungeon Lord, who has become bored and attempts to take over a new continent, but ultimately fails to do so thanks to the general incompetence of his minions. So the Dungeon Lord seeks to find himself a new general and casts a spell over Thalya, a dark elf priestess who must spend the game battling the conflict between good and evil on both the battlefield and within her own heart.

We’re really proud of the way the story turned out in Dungeons 3 here at Realmforge Studios, and we really tried to make sure there were lots of fun twists and turns in the main campaign and beyond. Join us for part 2 next week as we introduce you to the exciting additional content waiting for you in the DLC of Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection. Until then, may your claws be sharp and your unicorns fleeing in terror!