Vigor - Season 4: Warlords

Clash with Warlords in Vigor: Season 4

Hei Outlanders.

There’s been a lot going on in post-war Norway during the Rivals season in Vigor, and there’s even more on the horizon with the upcoming season. We made sure to listen to our precious community and tried to dig deeper into the wishes they voice. One of the most requested topics was a more military-themed season, and so the Warlords heed the call.

Vigor - Season 4: Warlords

Season 4: Warlords

Preppers, Hunters, Rivals, previous seasons were packed with interesting Outlander types. It’s no different this season – Warlords. Post-war Norway requires tough people, the armies and militias had the most hardy who turned into Outlanders after the war ended. They kept the bits and pieces of their former equipment, ready to survive in the Outlands and rebuild their arsenal. The new Battle Pass season provides Mercenary and Veteran uniforms in different variants, two distinct helmets, gloves, backpacks, various gas masks and goggles to name just the customizations. Add newly featured facepaints to mask your face in different patterns as well. And weapons, indeed, Warlords love their weapons. They’re more than happy to share their weapon opinions at more than 800 rpm with the UK vz. 59 and M249 light machine guns, cult classic Bugle F1 assault rifle and even the RM14 knife with cool skins. Last, but definitely not least, we evaluated the feedback regarding the Premium Battle Pass price and adjusted it from 900 Crowns to a mere 690 Crowns. As a bonus, we added more XP boosters and the amount of Crowns you’re able to get from the Battle Pass stayed the same – 900 Crowns.

Vigor - Season 4: Warlords

Welcome To Elimination

After the success of Shootout, we decided to send out a new experimental game mode called Elimination. We want to see if you’re interested in a team based game mode in Vigor. Elimination is a 5 vs 5 game mode with two ways to win the rounds – you either eliminate the enemy team, or interact with a flag in the center of the elimination zone. First team to win five rounds wins the match. We may seem to be obsessed with the number five as there are five zones on a new Islands map that wait for your teams. If we see that team modes are something you would be interested in, we would even add the possibility to join as a pre-made team later, or start fleshing out different team play concepts.

Vigor - Season 4: Warlords

Change the Game

While we add a new experimental game mode, we still focus on the Encounters as well. We decided to overhaul the way the Comm Stations work to allow more diversity in particular Encounters. There are multiple Comm Stations around the map and you may choose a wide selection of effects they have on the air drop – moving it to another location remains and you may even make it contain additional loot, or a radioactive crate instead of a standard one. And even the new Warlords tools intend to make the Encounters more diverse as well. The Jammer is able to blocks all markers on the map for anyone in its area of effect, possibly confusing the enemies. Mortar strike is a tactical tool to get people out of their covers as it sprays a designated visible area with mortar shells.

Vigor - Season 4: Warlords

Lighters and the Armory Cellar

I already mentioned that Warlords like their arsenal, and they like to show it off. The doors to a cellar finally cracked open and revealed a nice armory showing all weapons you have in their particular skins, showcasing even the plans for them. You can check your progression and simply enjoy the beauties you obtained in Outlands. Added to that, scattered around the Shelter are new mementos you’re able to find in the Encounters – Lighters. They work similar to Troll mementos, yet they don’t giggle, obviously, which makes them a bit more difficult to find. Update 4.0 is not only about new additions, there’s a ton of tweaks and fixes that should make your experience in post-war Norway better.

Vigor - Season 4: Warlords

Coming Soon…

We’re happy for any feedback that we receive, it allows us to make Vigor a better game for every Outlander. Our Vigor Partners provided us with feedback through Update Preview already, feel free to check their content to see what’s in store for Vigor in advance. Enjoy the Warlords season.

See you in post-war Norway.

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– Survive the harsh conditions of post-war Norway and try to outlive the apocalypse in Vigor, a free-to-play multiplayer looter shooter. – Explore the Nordic scenery in Encounters, and choose your playstyle – sneaky looter or deadly shooter. – Build your Shelter from resources acquired in Encounters and upgrade it to unlock extra features. – Play Shootout, a fast-paced solo combat, or Elimination, a 5v5 tactical, round based team fight, to challenge other Outlanders.