Prison Architect: Island Bound

Expanding Prison Management Gameplay with Prison Architect: Island Bound

Hello Architects!

I want to give players a little insight into the next expansion to Prison Architect on Xbox One – Island Bound!

Island Bound evolves Prison Architect gameplay by introducing helicopters, boats, additional emergency services and island prisons. This expansion is all about unlocking the next level of ingenuity and design in our player’s minds, with new tools to build and effectively manage prisons at sea.

Prison Architect: Island Bound

When we began developing the idea of island prisons, we acknowledged that Prison Architect’s gameplay is reliant on roads for deliveries, visitors, emergencies and more. We quickly realized that, although islands could promote more secure and interesting prison designs, we needed to rethink many of the game’s transportation rules that would allow players to effectively run an island prison. Giving players the option to play without roads requires new vehicles able to handle all day-to-day intake and exports. Therefore, we developed a helicopter or boat counterpart for almost every vehicle, along with helipads and docks.

To get players running with an island prison, we also had to rethink and expand the terrain generation mechanics. Now, you can start a new game by choosing to generate an island plot without a road. This creates a landmass surrounded by water, along with shorelines and a ferry dock — no access road required! Even better, players who want to build an off-shore compound but like traditional Prison Architect logistics will have the option to include a road connected by a strip of land while generating their plot.

Prison Architect: Island Bound

If you want to build moats, rivers or lakes, you can! Water tiles can be placed on land, and vice versa. Additional flooring types are provided to mold the landscape and create multiple interconnected islands, which can be reached by bridges or ferries. You’ll also see that we’ve listened to the community by improving the visual blend between shallow and deep water to create nice looking shorelines that lead out to sea.

Until now Prison Architect’s roads were linked (behind-the-scenes) to the Delivery Yards, Garbage, Exports and Receptions. This means that when prisoners or deliveries arrive at the prison, its guards and workers know where to take things. With Island Bound, we’ve given players full control over their prison’s logistics. This means you’ll be able to choose and change the purposes of roads, as well as helipads and docks via new logistical options.

Prison Architect: Island Bound

Players can also create production chains, where materials are delivered to your prison’s workshop, goods are made by your inmates and then they are exported overseas. Previously, the most efficient prisons would theoretically require all buildings to be constructed close to the delivery area. Now, this barrier is removed – how you use these new ports of entry is up to you.

With more ports of entry, there are also more routes for contraband to enter your prison. To combat increases in contraband, we have created the Crate Scanner and Checkpoint.

Prison Architect: Island Bound

The Crate Scanner, as the name suggests, operates similarly to a suitcase scanner at an airport. When placed in Delivery or Storage areas in the game, workers place newly delivered crates onto the conveyor belt. Providing the scanner has power, the crate passes through the device and is scanned. However, you’ll need a guard manning a monitor linked to the Scanner to watch for hidden contraband inside.

The new Checkpoint “Pat-down” station, also manned by a guard, stops and searches any prisoners or visitors passing through. Prisoners will attempt to avoid the checkpoints, so players should position them in corridors or funnels that channel prisoners or visitors to walk through. As people are searched, the guard’s alertness to uncover any hidden contraband will depend on their level of  tiredness. Although the checkpoint station is a powerful new tool for contraband cutdown, be careful not to create bottlenecks of queuing prisoners around your penitentiary, which could lead to frustration and fights!

Prison Architect: Island Bound

That wraps up the core features of Island Boundbut there’s a lot more to discover, including new premade Alcatraz maps, shallow water, fountains, stepping stones and more!

We look forward to seeing everyone’s island creations, and players combining the new mechanics in creative new ways.

Prison Architect – Island Bound

Paradox Interactive

Welcome to The Rock, Wardens! Prison Architect: Island Bound introduces more ways to build and manage your prison. Sea and Air: Use a variety of ferry and helicopter transports to deliver supplies and inmates directly to docking areas around your compound. However, there are also more access points to sneak contraband into the prison. Chain Link Up: Maximize your prison’s efficiency by linking docks, helipads, and roads to specific deliveries. Toggle what services are available to each delivery point within your compound. Supermax Security: New security objects make it easier to search deliveries and prisoners. Additional emergency services can also be called when things get out of hand. Island Life: Customize your island with over 15 nautical tiles and objects. Shape the land around your compound with moats, rivers, and lakes for security, or for style — no access roads needed! The Rock: Manage the infamous Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island with two premade maps.