Gears 5 – Operation 4: Brothers in Arms Available Now


  • Gears 5 – Operation 4 is available now with Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam
  • Play as six new characters, including Dom Santiago, with the biggest character drop for Gears 5 yet
  • Starting today, players can jump into an all-new ranking system, new maps and a revamped in-game store

It’s finally here, Gears fans. Operation 4: Brothers in Arms is available now across Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam, and it delivers some of the biggest changes we’ve seen yet in Gears 5 plus the return of a familiar face.

Operation 4 also marks the return of beloved characters Dom, Paduk, and the sinister Karn as part of the biggest character drop yet in Gears 5. That list doesn’t stop there though, as we’ll be adding an additional three characters too. And maps? Yeah, we’ve got more of those, too.

But that’s not all. Starting today, we’re rolling out some major updates. We’ve added an all-new ranked system, an updated in-game store and streamlined earning with Gears Coins, our new earnable currency.

Let’s take a deeper look at what to expect when players jump into Gears 5 today.

Six New Characters

Operation 4 brings six new characters – the most we’ve dropped at a single time in Gears 5.


  • Dominic Santiago
  • Garron Paduk
  • Jinn-bot
  • UIR Soldier


  • Zamil Karn
  • Locust Grenadier

For fans who  want to pick up all these characters in one shot, we’ve got you covered! The Operation 4 Bundle includes all six new characters, the complete Bound by Blood weapon skin set, 1000 Iron and 30 days of Boost for $19.99. Of course, all characters can be picked up individually using Gears Coins or Iron via the in-game store.


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In Operation 4, we’re rolling out three new maps including the all new Reactor and classic favorites Blood Drive and Checkout.


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Operation 4 brings an all-new Ranked System to Gears 5, and with it we’ve simplified ranked to be clear and a reflection of your personal skill journey as you level up from Bronze to Masters.

Your rank is now determined by Gears Points (GP); the more you have the higher your Rank. Players earn GP for winning and based on your personal performance. Every match costs GP to compete, so – the higher your tier the more it costs to enter, and all ranked players will get rewards for playing. The higher players climb, the more rewards they’ll unlock.

Since this is such a massive departure from our previous Ranked System, we’re starting Operation 4 with a Ranked Preseason. Fans can check out all the details of our new ranked system including changes to our playlists here.

Gears Coins and the New Store

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Unlocking content in Gears 5 just got a whole lot easier with Gears Coins, our new earnable currency, which can be used to upgrade PvE skill cards and unlock items in the updated in-game store.

Gears Coins are earned just by playing. The easiest way to earn them is by progressing through the Tour of Duty. Gears Coins are also available as Ranked and Escape rewards.


Throughout Operation 4, we’ve got lots more planned in the form of PvP and Horde events, weekly updates to the store and two new characters coming mid-Operation. The recently added Developer’s Playlist will also be very active as we continue to test out balance tweaks and mode updates.

Operation 4: Brothers in Arms is available to download now for all Gears 5 players. For more information on Gears 5, the Gears franchise and all things Xbox, stay tuned to Xbox Wire or follow Gears on Twitter @gearsofwar.