Gems of War

With New Campaigns Comes Great Rewards in Gems of War on Xbox One

Gems of War is a must-play for match 3 RPG fans who are keen to sink their teeth and minds into a thrilling battle system and rich sprawling fantasy world. Our 5.0 Update rapidly expands the storyline, offering a plethora of new content in the ever-expanding world of Krystara.

Seek Adventure, Earn Rewards

Campaigns have arrived in Gems of War! Taking the form of seasonal content that spans 10 weeks. Our new Campaigns offer fresh and exciting new challenges for players looking for thrilling pursuits. Explore the new Campaigns, earn stars, and use them to unlock buffs to help unravel the rich story of Gems of War.

Gems of War

Each week you can tackle a new campaign task which unlocks a new Artifact Upgrade. Delve deeper into Krystara’s sprawling lore with exciting new quests, progress, and earn a treasure trove of rewards!

Grab more loot with Campaign Passes & Elite Passes

Passes are arriving alongside Campaigns, offering more treasure for your hoard. Every player will have access to a Campaign pass with free rewards!

For adventurers seeking riches beyond the Campaign pass, our new Elite Pass is available to players wanting to unlock an elite rewards track. The Elite Rewards track offers extra loot and special collectible content.

Gems of War

Discover all of our exciting new features as part of the 5.0 Update. We’re constantly updating our content as well! Every week we release a new troop with skill sets to help battle your foes and reap the rewards of a hard day’s battle.

From the makers of Puzzle Quest, Gems of War is a free strategy-based deck-building match 3 RPG that will satisfy players old and new. Unlock your adventure today! And for a limited time, save up to 50% on select in-game bundles available in the Microsoft Store.

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Gems of War

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Match gems and skulls to turn the tide of battle, build your team of heroes and conquer mighty kingdoms! Immerse yourself in a world of adventure as you collect heroes from across the realm and battle foes with the power of the puzzle board. Match gems and skulls to build up mana and crush your enemies! Features: Puzzle-RPG – Dive into a world filled with hundreds of puzzles, deep RPG gameplay and tactical puzzle strategy Level Up Your Troops – Collect and level-up over 300 different troops and unlock spells to attack your enemies Gain Extra Loot in Mini Games – Earn bounties and treasures for your hero in various side activities, each with their own unique rewards Conquer New Realms – Unlock the Krystara & Underworld maps with over 30 Kingdoms and 350 Quests to complete Complete Weekly Events – Engage in dynamic live events for never ending puzzle action Collect Daily Bonuses – Login daily to collect free bonus rewards Dominate the Competition – Battle in asynchronous PvP and rise up the global ranks