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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Tips and Tricks

With the exciting announcement of Robert “RJ” James (Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger), Lauren Shiba (Red Samurai Ranger), plus a soon-to-be-officially-confirmed villain, let’s go over some of the game’s essential mechanics before you jump into the Grid.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a 3v3 tag fighter, reminiscent of games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Dragonball FighterZ, but with a simplified control scheme. Getting started is easy, but it’ll take some practice and knowledge for even the most seasoned fighting game veterans to compete with the best.

Power Rangers

Formulating Your Trio

The nature of the game allows you to succeed with most combinations of characters and Megazords, so if you’re new to the tag fighter experience, don’t be afraid to experiment with whoever you think looks cool.

But if you’re a competitive fighting game player, you’ll probably want to go for a balanced team with assists that complement your playstyle. A mix of character archetypes can give you an advantage thanks to the assist takeover mechanic (i.e., “tagging”), allowing you to instantly swap your leader with a character who may be more equipped to handle the strategy you’re up against. A strong and balanced team like Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, and Mastodon Sentry is a good starting point for learning the game’s mechanics.

Power Rangers

Whether you want to compose a well-balanced team, or if you want to throw together a trio of your favorite Rangers and villains, you’ll undoubtedly find a couple of morphinominal synergies!

Breakdown of Attacks and Combos

Like most 3v3 tag fighters, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid uses a Light/Medium/Heavy/Special attack system. As a general rule of thumb, you can chain any normal attack into itself (called a Target Combo), or into one of higher strength. Light > Medium > Heavy > Special is a conventional attack sequence from any position (standing, crouching, and jumping).

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Since special moves are simple one-button inputs, you can focus on your movement, spacing, and combo timing, rather than on performing command input-based specials in the heat of battle.

Where Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid becomes difficult to master is in its freeform combo system. The anatomy of a combo can be complex, with almost limitless potential for creativity due to the lenient juggle system. We highly suggest looking up one of the many combo videos online to inspire your combo creativity. Practice up, Rangers!

Power Rangers

Launchers / Anti-Air Attacks

Each character has at least one anti-air attack designed to blow through jumping attacks when timed correctly. These are “air unblockable” as well, and if your anti-air is timed just right, you’re almost guaranteed to punish them. Check the in-game command list within the pause menu to find your character’s designated anti-air attack.

EX Attacks

EX attacks are invincible moves performed with Light + Special that consume one bar of your Super meter gauge. If you’re being pressured and you predict that your opponent will attack you, it’s a good idea to mash on Light + Special to blow through their offensive barrage. EX attacks can be risky though, since they’re easily punishable when blocked.

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Hit Heavy + Special with at least two Super bars to perform your character’s strongest attack, their Super. attack. As its name suggests this inflicts massive damage, particularly when tacked on to the end of a lengthy combo. Almost every attack can be canceled into a Super (including EX attacks).

Assists and Assist Takeovers

Assist summoning is available any time your leader is active, and you can summon an assist without ever having to let up on your own attacks. Hit one of your two assist buttons to have one of your supporting characters jump in and perform their special assist attack. Note that there’s a cooldown period after an assist is summoned, so use your assists wisely!

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Once your assist is out, you can make that assist your new leader by pressing the same assist button you used to summon them. This is extraordinarily powerful and is the game’s defining mechanic. With some training, you’ll be able to deliver a seamless onslaught of attacks from multiple directions and multiple teammates!

Megazord Ultra

With the introduction of a new Megazord “revenge” gauge in update 2.3 (Season 3), Megazord Ultra activation conditions have been revamped. Hit both assist buttons (with at least 2 bars of MZ gauge) buttons to summon your chosen Megazord to provide backup. While summoned, your three normal attacks (Light, Medium, and Heavy) command your colossal cavalry to perform a unique attack, such as slamming the battlefield with a towering sword that pulses with a high damage lightning field.

Power Rangers

Defensive Techniques

Tired of being on lock down, blocking an endless torrent of chain attacks? Pushblock your problems away! Hitting Special immediately after blocking an attack pushes the enemy back, instantly giving you some space.

On defense, you’ll have to worry about being thrown, too, and learning how to break them is just as crucial as learning how to pushblock attacks. Throws are close-range unblockable attacks that not only test your reaction time, but your ability to read your opponent. Throws can be escaped by inputting your own throw command the moment you’re thrown.

It’s Morphin’ Time!

In this article, we’ve gone through the basics of combat, with much more for you to discover. Now it’s time for you to come up with a team, jump into the grid, and get back to action. May the power protect you!

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