Dusk Falls Hero

The Power of Interactive Storytelling: Introducing As Dusk Falls

Why do we love stories? Because, when done well, they help us navigate a chaotic world that is sometimes hard to make sense of. They reveal universal truths about life.

The fascinating thing about interactive stories is that they go even further than traditional, linear stories; they give us insights about ourselves. When we play as a character, we experience their emotions and dilemmas from their point of view. But the choices we make for them remain very personal. By stepping into someone else’s shoes, we understand them better, and we learn about our true nature in the process. We grow, thanks to empathy.

This is the reason I founded INTERIOR/NIGHT. I want to tell relatable, inclusive stories, grounded in real life, that can appeal to everyone. I’d like you, your partner or your friends who may never even play videogames to discover how thrilling and rewarding it can be to experience the journey of a broad cast of characters.

As Dusk Falls is our studio’s debut game. It is about two families whose trajectories collide in the Arizona desert in 1999. Most stories start at the beginning, but this story starts in the middle, gradually widening outward to encompass multiple points of view over a thirty year span; a story spiral that explores the past, present and future of a single dramatic night.

Can you break free of the influence of a toxic, but loving, family?

Can you start over by moving home or changing jobs?

Can you overcome your past?

These questions explore the universal themes of legacy, resilience and sacrifice. By playing As Dusk Falls, you will experience these everyday dilemmas first-hand and decide how you want to shape the fate of real, flawed people who are trying to find their way in a world they don’t fit in.

To learn more about As Dusk Falls, follow INTERIOR/NIGHT and As Dusk Falls on Twitter, where I will reveal why the studio believes Interactive Narrative can hold a mirror up to us in a way traditional storytelling can’t. 

This game is so special to me and the entire team at Interior/Night; we can’t wait to share more about As Dusk Falls with you in the coming months!