Grab Maneater’s Hot Rod Tiger Shark Skin for Free on the Xbox Store


  • Maneaters first piece of DLC is available for free to all current and future players.
  • The Tiger Shark Evolution allows you to collect more nutrients from predators, prey, and nutrient caches.
  • Maneater is a single-player, open world action RPG (ShaRkPG) where you are the shark.

Hey there Maneater players! The team at Tripwire and I have been absolutely astounded by the crazy amount of love you all have shown towards our game on Xbox! Which is why I’ve stopped by to share some good news.

In celebration of the sharkiest 7 days of the year, Maneater’s first piece of playable DL-Sea – The Tiger Shark Evolution – will be available for free to all current and future players. Once you’ve downloaded the DLC from the Xbox Store, head on over to the nearest grotto, open up that evolutions menu, and give your shark the hot-rod paint job she deserves! Sea life hasn’t looked this good since I tricked out my ’68 Plymouth Barracuda in Forza. You will also find that this particular evolution allows you to collect more nutrients from predators, prey, and nutrient caches, which will help you level up faster if you’re just starting out.


We’re incredibly thrilled that so many of you have taken the journey from pup to predator, and I can’t wait to share our future plans for the world of Maneater on Xbox One. I can’t share any details yet, but when I can you’ll be the first to know.

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BECOME THE MANEATER! Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas – a terrifying SHARK! Maneater is a single player, open world action RPG (ShaRkPG) where YOU are the shark. Starting as a small shark pup you are tasked with surviving the harsh world while eating your way up the ecosystem. To do this you will explore a large and varied open world encountering diverse enemies – both human and wildlife. Find the right resources and you can grow and evolve far beyond what nature intended, allowing the player to tailor the shark to their play style. This is fortunate, because to get revenge on the cruel fisherman that dismembered you will take evolving into a massive shark, an apex predator of legends. Eat. Explore. Evolve. Fully Evolved For Xbox Series X – The next evolution of Maneater is here with full utilization of Xbox Series X including native 4K HDR support at a buttery smooth 60 FPS, lush new lighting effects and more! Full support of Smart Delivery ensures that when your console evolves, Maneater will too. Ray Tracing (previously announced) will be coming in a post launch patch. Unique Story – Play through a full narrative, story-based campaign narrated by Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, Rick and Morty) and set against the backdrop of a reality TV show. Diverse, Compelling Combat – Battle fierce wildlife including other apex predators or fight against various types of human hunters ranging from town drunks all the way up to the Coast Guard. Evolve Into a Legend – Feed on humans and wildlife to grow your shark, and find shark loot to evolve your shark down multiple possible paths. Explore the Gulf – 7 large regions including bayous of the gulf coast, resort beaches, industrial docks, the open ocean and more. Experience a living world with a full day/night cycle.