Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes – The Story so Far


  • Remnant: From the Ashes is available now on Xbox One and in Xbox Game Pass.
  • The Subject 2923 DLC releases on August 20.
  • We’re excited to exclusively share the motion comic that will be introducing the DLC below.

The end of the world arrived suddenly, on June 20, 1968.  The last few remnants of humanity limped along over the years, taking cover and living in hiding from the menace that was the Root, the deadly, alien invaders who brought about the fall of humanity. Before the invasion, top military scientists discovered ancient alien writings and what would become known as the “World Stone”. The alien writings provided instructions for networking human subjects to the World Stone, allowing them to virtually visit other worlds.

These subjects would become known as “Dreamers”, and the head of the program even linked a Dreamer directly to a being, only known as ‘Clawbone’. Eventually, the Root used this linked dreamer to open a gateway to Earth, where they managed to wipeout most of humanity within years.

Almost a century later, one adventurer from a small group of humans hiding out on a remote island set sail to the main land in hopes of uncovering the fate of their predecessors and slaying the “Dragon in the Tower”. Crash landing their boat following a ruthless storm, the hero was ill prepared for what they found and was quickly overwhelmed by the Root. 

Ellen Ford, the leader of a small group of survivors from a nearby structure called Ward 13, saved the hero before the Root could finish them off.  After the hero recovered, Ellen Ford told them of her Grandfather, Andrew “The Founder” Ford. The Founder was a man who spent many years searching for a way to stop the Root but had just disappeared one day. The hero sought to pick up the trail of The Founder, in hopes that he might have discovered a solution – the end of the Root. This journey took the hero to many strange worlds such as the marshes of Corsus and the scalding Sands of of Rhom in pursuit of answers, ultimately finding and freeing the imprisoned Founder from the lush jungle world of Yaesha.

This meeting with the Founder guided the hero to Ward 17, the location of the dreamer that was originally linked with Clawbone. Realizing that this young Dreamer was the Root’s gateway, the hero faced off with the dreamer’s Root manifestation known as Nightmare in an attempt to sever the tie.  Upon Nightmare’s defeat and the inevitable death of the linked dreamer, the tower that housed Ward 17 began to collapse.  Our hero escaped the destruction and – believing their task complete – returned to Ward 13.

The defeat of Nightmare struck a significant blow to the Root, however they still have a tether to earth that is hidden away. A year after the defeat of Nightmare, Founder Ford is sending the hero on a mission to seek out Ward Prime in the hopes of finding the Root’s last connection to earth. Ward Prime is a tucked-away military base where the Dreamer Project was born, and may provide the only means of stopping the Root once and for all.

Remnant: From the Ashes is available on Xbox One and on the Xbox Game Pass. Releasing on August 20, the Subject 2923 DLC for Remnant: From the Ashes is the final, and most expansive update for the hit survival action game – in which users will conclude the thrilling post-apocalyptic tale of the fight for humanity. Here’s the exclusive first look at the ‘Subject 2923’ campaign intro video: