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The Blackstar Awakens: Hashashin’s Awakening Comes to Black Desert on Consoles

The Valencian god inside has awoken! Hashashin’s Awakening has arrived in Black Desert for Xbox One. With this newfound power, Hashashin uses Awakening skills and a secondary weapon to take down anything and everything in his way.

Experience a brand-new way to play Aal’s warrior with Hashashin’s Awakening skills:

  • Ensnaring Sands – Use Hashashin’s powers to shift the sand beneath an enemy’s feet, trapping them in place.
  • Constriction – Hashashin can summon sand snakes that will constrict and bind your foe, rendering them immobile.
  • The Paradise Surge – quickly close the gap between Hashashin and a given enemy to deliver a lethal blow.

If you thought Hashashin moved like lightning before, Awakening makes him faster than the speed of light. With a spin of his blades, there is nothing that can stand in his way. Along with new powers, balancing updates make Hashashin a more well-balanced fighter for any challenges Adventurers may face.

Aal’s warrior can only ride into battle on a horse as powerful and graceful as him – the Dream Horse, Arduanatt. Brought to life with the spirit of the wind and earth, Arduanatt soars through the skies with unmatched ease. The exclusive skills Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom make for a one-of-a-kind horse, fit for a one of a kind warrior.

For more info on all the exciting new changes Adventurers can expect to arrive with Hashashin’s Awakening, check out the official website to read the patch notes.

Great warriors of Aal, we will see you in the Desert!