Lemnis Gate Hero image

Disrupt the Past, Change the Future in Strategic FPS Lemnis Gate

Hello everyone and welcome to your first look at our exciting new turn-based combat strategy shooter, Lemnis Gate! I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally show off all the hard work from everyone here at Ratloop Games Canada.

As you’ll see in the trailer, Lemnis Gate is a mind-altering turn-based strategy shooter where skilful mastery of weapons and abilities meets genius turn-based strategy over several time-bending rounds. It plays a little differently to what you might be used to, so let me explain a bit about how it works…

Our game takes place in a time loop. You have 25 seconds to make your move, whether it’s blasting an enemy, capturing an objective, or defusing a dangerous situation. Your opponent will then take their turn and try to counter your moves (which are now infinitely looping). Round by round, you and your opponent pick different deep-space operatives to throw into the mix, building to an epic climax at the end of the final round where an entire team of your characters faces off against an entire team of your opponents! It’s a fresh, four-dimensional take on a popular genre, which we think you’re going to love.

What’s really interesting about Lemnis Gate is the moment to moment gameplay, the way you think as you play is truly something new. In a regular shooter, your eyes see what’s on screen and you react to what’s happening in that present moment. In Lemnis Gate, you have to consider what happened in the past, what’s happening in the present AND what might happen in the future. It’s four-dimensional combat.

Imagine something simple like a grenade: you throw it into a room and it explodes. In a time loop, unless interfered with, that grenade will go off in THAT room at THAT time the same way over and over until the end of the match.

You can use this to your advantage and anticipate where your opponent might be in the future and throw some well-placed grenades at critical junctions in the map. Your opponent might find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and be obliterated by that same grenade you threw in the past (this is immensely satisfying, by the way!)

But it doesn’t end there! Your opponent, seeking revenge, can then intercept your character BEFORE you threw the grenade, changing the timeline, eliminating that grenade from existence in the first place. This would in turn mean that the opponent’s character killed by your grenade never died! Yes, mind = blown!

Time travel and causality are a core pillar of Lemnis Gate’s gameplay. It’s some pretty mind-bending stuff. You must learn how to perceive time differently and strategize in new ways as you begin your journey towards mastering the game.

There are also many different ways to play. Dive into a match online, execute audacious strategies, master your hero’s abilities, and think several moves ahead to achieve a victory that reverberates across time itself. Or jump into offline play where you can challenge a friend locally sharing the same screen and controller. Get ready to disrupt the past and change the future! Only the smartest will survive.

Lemnis Gate launches in early 2021, and we can’t wait for you to play it.