New Smite Update: The Odyssey Starts Today on Xbox One

The Odyssey, Smite’s biggest in-game event of the year, features new lore, skins, quests and more is now available on Xbox One.

It is the beginning of the end in the Battleground of the Gods as Cthulhu’s assault is in full force. The gods must find a way to stop the madness and corruption before it’s too late, but will their pride get in the way? In the Odyssey: Reckoning, you’ll be able to journey alongside the gods through our new quest system featuring a world map. Complete quests and earn Odyssey Points to unlock exclusive rewards and new regions for even more loot. 


Headlining the event as the Ultimate Final Reward, Eclipse Summoner Hel is the newest tier 5 to join the ranks of Smite’s most prestigious skins. Eclipse Summoner Hel masters and controls the Guardians of Sun and Moon. In battle, Eclipse Summoner Hel is constantly followed and aided by either one of those two mythical beings. One gives way to the other as she switches her stance in the never-ending cycle of light and darkness. Eclipse Summoner Hel is available for purchase today!


The Odyssey: Reckoning event features more incredible skins such as the Gecko Guardian Xing Tian skin. Each Odyssey skin purchased will come with additional Odyssey Points. All players will also enjoy free gifts with the Voyager’s Log side-event celebrating the start of Odyssey: Reckoning. For the first 15 days of the Odyssey: Reckoning, everyone can claim free daily rewards including new cosmetics –  just for logging in.


That’s not all! Face the fury of the dead in a long forgotten and forsaken realm with the newest Battle Pass: Necropolis. Every Smite player earns rewards, even without purchasing the Battle Pass, just by playing — you can unlock awesome free loot including Sinister Sentinel Athena, chests, and more! Unlock Razor’s Edge Isis when you purchase the Premium Necropolis Battle Pass in-game for 600 Gems and earn your way to the final skin: Infernal Father Odin.

The Odyssey: Reckoning Update has a lot of content that we hope you’ll love. See you in the Battleground of the Gods!

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