Rainbow Six Siege - Shadow Legacy

Sam Fisher Joins Rainbow Six Siege’s Biggest Season Yet

Operation Shadow Legacy, the latest season of Rainbow Six Siege, begins today on Xbox One and adds Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher as a playable Operator. In addition to everyone’s favorite Fourth Echelon commander, the new season brings a wealth of gameplay updates and changes, including Ping 2.0; new and improved optics, a hard-breaching secondary gadget; shared reinforcements; map ban; and a reworked Chalet map, making Shadow Legacy one of Siege’s biggest seasons yet. The new gameplay changes and updates will be available to all Xbox players, while Sam Fisher will be available to Year 5 pass holders immediately at launch. All other players can unlock him one week later with Renown or R6 credits.

Sam’s going by a new moniker in Siege, Zero, and he’s bringing a new skillset to the table for the attacking team. His gadget, the Argus launcher, fires projectiles onto breakable and reinforced surfaces to set up double-sided cameras on either side. Zero and his allies can only use one of the cameras at a time, but they’re a powerful tool for finding out what Defenders are up to, and each one can also fire a single laser to destroy an enemy gadget or deal minor damage. Zero also packs either his signature SC-3000K assault rifle or an MP7, and wields a 5.7 USG sidearm with a built in suppressor.

Shadow Legacy also includes new features, updates, and gameplay modifications that will alter the Siege landscape.

  • Ping 2.0 – Each player on a team will be assigned a number at the beginning of the match, and their generic yellow ping will now carry that number. Pings are also contextual now, meaning that when you ping a gadget, defuser, objective, or other important object, the ping icon will represent it. You’ll also be able to ping from drones and cameras.
  • Weapon optics – Shadow Legacy introduces new scopes and magnification levels, including a rebrand of the classic ACOG scope, now known as the 2.5x scope. New versions of the red-dot and holographic sights are available, but players can keep the old-school versions if they prefer. Additionally, you’ll be able to customize the color and opacity of your reticle.
  • Reinforcement pool – Gone are the days of each Defender having two wall/hatch reinforcements. Now, the defending team will have a pool of 10 reinforcements that can be deployed by any player, so you no longer have to sit undefended while a teammate holds onto their reinforcements.
  • New hard-breaching secondary gadget – With the Defenders getting a buff to reinforcements, the Attackers will need to compensate. Lucky for them, that comes in the form of a new hard-breaching secondary gadget that destroys reinforced hatches and blows holes in reinforced walls big enough to vault through. Thermite, Hibana, Maverick, and Ace are no longer your only options for breaching fortified surfaces.
  • EMP grenade rework – Thatcher’s EMP grenades have always destroyed Defender gadgets caught in their blast radius, but now the EMP will only disable enemy gadgets, not destroy them. This means Attackers will have to coordinate their assaults to take advantage of the disability window.
  • Map ban – Ranked and Unranked matches will now give teams the opportunity to ban one map each.
  • New Chalet map rework – The refreshed map now allows Attackers to rappel all the way up to the rooftop. The master bedroom now encloses the bedroom terrace and has added an interior staircase down to the trophy room. An additional rotation between bomb sites has been added via a new basement corridor, and a new window above the snowmobile garage door adds a deadly new sightline.

Year 5 Pass owners get access to Sam Fisher, aka Zero, immediately, and all Xbox One Siege players will be able to take advantage of all the other new changes Shadow Legacy brings starting today.

For players wondering about the next generation of Rainbow Six Siege, the development team has some exciting news to share. The game will be coming to Xbox Series X in 2020 as a free update for all players who already own the game and will support up to 4K resolutions and 120 FPS. Blowing a massive hole in a reinforced wall will be crisper and smoother than ever before.

The Rainbow Six World Cup

With more than five years, 40 pro teams, and four strong regional leagues, the Rainbow Six Siege competitive esports scene is going strong. Teams in Europe, North America, Latin American, and Asia-Pacific have all proven their prowess, but there’s been no way to know which region holds the best Rainbow Six esports players – until now. The Rainbow Six World Cup will kick off in summer 2021, when the best players from 45 countries compete to be crowned world champions.

Forty-five teams from countries across the globe will compete, but only 20 will make it to the final stage. Fourteen teams will receive direct invitations to the final stage, while 31 others will compete for the final six spots. Teams with a direct invite to the finals are:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chinese Taipei
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA

The 31 other teams looking to secure a spot in the finals are grouped by server locations to ensure the best gameplay experience possible.

  • EU server (two teams will qualify)
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Hungary
    • Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Ukraine
  • APAC 1 server (one team will qualify)
    • Bangladesh
    • India
    • Pakistan
    • Sri Lanka
  • APAC 2 server (one team will qualify)
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Philippines
    • Singapore
    • Thailand
  • LATAM server (one team will qualify)
    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Peru
  • MENA server (one team will qualify)
    • Egypt
    • Iraq
    • Jordan
    • Kuwait
    • Morocco
    • Saudi Arabia

The inaugural Rainbow Six World Cup will crown the Siege World Champions, a momentous occasion that deserves an ambassador with a world-champion pedigree and true love of competition, esports, and gaming: Tony Parker. With a competitive basketball resume that includes four NBA titles with the San Antonio Spurs, a European Championship title, and more than 180 selections to the French national basketball team, there are few athletes in the world with more championship experience at the highest levels. While pro players are familiar with the pressure and stakes involved in competing, the World Cup offers a brand new set of challenges, including different teammates, coaches, and the pressure of competing for your country. As ambassador, Parker will regularly meet with teams to help them prepare for the competition.

Official team compositions will be revealed this winter, alongside the start of the online qualifiers stage. The Rainbow Six World Cup finals kick off in summer 2021; in the meantime, Operation Shadow Legacy is out now and is one of the most game-changing seasons in Rainbow Six Siege history. Hop in now to experience the new Ping system, hard-breaching gadgets, new sights, and so much more.

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