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Rocket League is Going Free to Play September 23 on Xbox One

Start your engines! Rocket League, the long-running hybrid hit where soccer meets driving, will be available for free starting September 23! Even if you’re a longtime player, this is going to feel like a whole new experience. As we get closer to the launch of free to play, get caught up to speed on everything coming with our next update.

Rocket League‘s latest update is going live tomorrow for anyone who already owns the game. The update will lay much of the groundwork leading up to the September 23 launch. Here’s everything you can expect with both the update and the launch of free to play.

Revamped Tournaments

Get ready for a whole new way to compete! Rocket League’s Tournaments feature is getting a major overhaul when free to play launches. Soon, players around the world will be able to join automatically scheduled Competitive Tournaments each day for free, climb their way through their bracket, and reap the rewards of victory!

Competitive Tournaments are 3v3, but teams of any size can join. Once you join a Competitive Tournament, your team will be automatically entered into a bracket with 32 teams of a similar rank. You’ll earn Tournament Credits based on how your team finishes, which can be redeemed for items that you’ll find in Rocket League Tournaments. Tournaments will be available to join after the launch of free to play on September 23.

Game-Wide Challenges

Challenges will be one of the main ways you’ll unlock free customization items after free to play. Instead of just being part of Rocket Pass, now players will have Weekly, Event, and even Season Challenges that will all grant items or XP. Each week, all players will get three new Challenges, while Rocket Pass Premium users will receive an additional three. Complete your Challenges and expand your inventory!

Cross-Platform Progression

Following tomorrow’s update, Cross-Platform Progression will be live in Rocket League. Simply log into your Epic Games Account on the account linking page that will be live tomorrow, link your platforms where you play Rocket League, and choose your primary platform where you have the highest Rank and XP Level. Then, you’ll be able to share your inventory, Rank, and Rocket Pass Tier across all platforms!

Streamlined Seasons and New Ranks

Rocket Pass, Competitive Season, and soon Tournaments will all be rolled into a single schedule, and will all start and end at the same time. It all starts with Season 1 when free to play launches.

Plus, Competitive Ranks are expanding, and there’s a new competitive mountain to climb. The next Competitive Season is bringing new ranks. Grand Champion is being split into Grand Champion I, Grand Champion 2, and Grand Champion 3. After that, there’s a new highest rank in Rocket League: Supersonic Legend. Good luck out there!

We hope you check out Rocket League when it launches for free on September 23, and if you’re a longtime veteran, we hope you enjoy all the new features from Tournaments to Challenges. The pitch is waiting. Bring your friends and take your shot this month!