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Gaming for Everyone: Discover Xbox and PC Games Selected by Hispanic and Latinx Communities

Microsoft is honoring Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting Hispanic and Latinx employee stories of unyielding strength, celebrating successful efforts to help drive change to restored protections for Dreamers, and bringing people together to build a safer, stronger El Paso.

As the next step on our mission to empower gaming for everyone, we are also highlighting games and movies selected by Hispanic and Latinx communities at Microsoft during September 2020 and beyond. Check out the inspiring stories and entertainment choices of some of the Latinx voices at Microsoft.

A few highlights from the full list of games and movies that spans Hispanic and Latinx creators, meaningful protagonists, and cultural influences include: 

  • Life is Strange 2 – Centered around the Diaz brothers, this game is an example of positive representation of Latinx characters, discussions on race, and power dynamics.
  • Mulaka – Developed and published by the Mexican game studio Lienzo, Mulaka teaches you about the indigenous Tarahumaran culture of Mexico, including music, myths, and legends recorded in native tongue.
  • Gears of War 5 (Available with Xbox Game Pass) – Protagonist Kait Diaz is celebrated and expressed as meaningful and defying stereotypes from community members. The game is also widely recognized for its quality Spanish localization.
  • Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather – Developed and published by the Brazilian Studio Duaik, Aritana is an action and adventure game based on Brazilian mythology, folklore, and indigenous culture.
  • Just Cause 4 – This longstanding game franchise stars Rico Rodriguez, a popular protagonist noted by several Latinx gamers.
  • “Coco” – Written by Adrian Molina and Matthew Aldrich,this monumental and emotional film is highly revered for its characters and exploration of Mexican folklore and culture.  
  • “Pan’s Labyrinth” – Deemed a classic by several community members, this film is by Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro and set in a fantasy world in Spain.
  • “Rio” – Written and directed by Carlos Saldanha, this animated film is set in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and the lush rain forest of Brazil.

Some users in the United States can check out the complete collections of games on the Microsoft Store on Xbox, the Microsoft Store on Windows, and the Xbox App, plus movies prior to October 30. Xbox Game Pass members can enjoy instant access to a subset of games.

Starting October 30, visitors can search for Hispanic and Latinx community picks from the Microsoft Store on Xbox, and the Microsoft Store on Windows by typing “Hispanic Heritage Month” and various related terms such as Latinx, HHM, Latina, and more.

Microsoft Rewards Members can also earn and donate points to a number of organizations supporting Hispanic and Latinx communities through Xbox and Give with Bing.

  • The Hispanic Heritage Foundation identifies, inspires, prepares and positions Latinx leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities.
  • The NALEO Educational Fund is a non-partisan organization that facilitates full Latinx participation in the American political process, from citizenship to public service.
  • CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice in 100 countries including Latin America and the Caribbean.

Xbox gamers can easily earn Rewards points in various ways including playing or purchasing games after downloading the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox.