Fortnite Wolverine

Wolverine Arrives to Slash Galactus in the Fortnite Nexus War

He’s been lurking in the shadows, giving you Challenges, but he’s only recently appeared in the flesh. Whether you’ve been completing Wolverine’s Battle Pass Challenges from the beginning or have yet to start, you can jump into Fortnite today for the latest test: Defeat this ferocious member of the X-Men to unlock his Outfit!

After completing Wolverine’s Challenges, awaken his memories by completing his special, “emotive” request. After recovering his memories, you’ll unlock his Snikt! Emote that unleashes his classic Adamantium Claws. Use the Adamantium Claws as your Pickaxe, or switch back to your original pickaxe, to decide how you want to slice.

And for you longtime Wolverine fans, you can unlock his Classic style by completing 10 regular Challenges from Week 5 and 6 (available all rest of the season). Whether you want to wear the yellow and blue or don the gold and brown, you can switch styles in the Locker.

Fortnite Wolverine

There are a lot more Wolverine rewards to dig into if you haven’t done any of his other Challenges yet, such as the Wolverine’s Trophy Back Bling and Ferocious Wrap. So, Wolverine in whatever way you want. 

Fortnite Wolverine

Additionally, to celebrate the arrival of Wolverine, Microsoft Movies & TV and Fortnite are announcing a limited time offer for fans. Xbox fans who play Fortnite and purchase one or more movies from a collection of discounted titles featuring Wolverine from October 1 to 14 will receive a $5 digital gift card to use in the Microsoft Store.

Solo Wolverine films like “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “The Wolverine,” and “Logan” will be available on sale starting October 1, and X-Men films will be on sale starting October 3. From “X-Men” to “Logan” and everything in between, check out the complete sale on Microsoft Movies & TV — and don’t forget to play Fortnite to unlock this limited-time offer!

Fortnite Wolverine

All of Wolverine’s Challenges will be available through the rest of the season, and with the Fortnite Nexus War ongoing, there are more regular Challenges to look forward to!

Thank you and keep being super.

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