Cake Bash Key Art

Meet the Cakes from Cake Bash, Coming to Xbox One October 15

Time to meet the delicious drawn to life cakes from Cake Bash and some of their never before seen unlockable flavours! It’s unusual for them to be so calm, so enjoy the peace and quiet before they start beating the crumbs out of each other when the game is released on October 15!

Cake Bash

Casie (the Cupcake)
First up there’s Casie who is a self-proclaimed ‘sweet little cupcake’. Don’t let this fool you though. Casie has a big ego and isn’t afraid to fight you for the top spot!

Slice (the Piece of Cake)
Next there’s Slice. Sure, this may look like your average chocolate cake but if you’re not fast enough, Slice will knock you out with a lollipop to steal your prized sweeties…

Cake Bash

Fancy (the French Fancy)
Oh, and then there’s the classiest little sponge around. Meet Fancy! Timeless and refined with a relentless desire to win at any cost…

Clair (the Eclair)
Clair is one tough little pastry who isn’t afraid of anything… except those pesky wasps. You’ll often see Clair with a spatula in its little hands, ready to swat them away!

Cake Bash

Chip (the Muffin)
Chip might seem like a friendly looking muffin but has a dark past. Chip has done things no muffin should have to do. A loyal friend and a deadly enemy.

Ringo (the Doughnut)
Ringo is one cool doughnut who loves a bit of glamour and will be the first one to steal those shiny golden raspberries if you’re not careful!

Cake Bash

Minni (the Miniature)
And finally there’s Minni. Don’t let size fool you, Minni is a three-time World Cake Boxing champ, with one mean competitive streak! You have been warned.

So now you’ve met all the tasty cakes, who will you choose to be your Cake Bash warrior? 

If you do really well in some minigames, or get every single topping from Get Tasty, you can unlock new amazing flavours and skins for your favourite cakes, some of which you can see in the video at the top! Give it a try when Cake Bash releases October 15 on Xbox One, but until then, you can always try our free demo or pre-order below. Stay tasty!

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Cake Bash


Fight to be the tastiest cake in Cake Bash! A frantic four player party game where adorable drawn-to-life cakes beat the crumbs out of each other. Pick your favourite cake and battle in a variety of lifelike arenas with unique goals – cover yourself in sweeties or hurl fruit into a pie, there’s plenty for everyone! To cool down, try an assortment of minigame treats – roast perfect marshmallows, pipe the finest frosting, or be the last flan standing in Fork Knife. Guide your cakes through the bakery as they dress to impress the customer in Get Tasty! Buy delicious toppings in a series of games to be the chosen one… You could also just play your favourite mode again and again, it’s up to you! Compete on the same screen, find challengers online or battle well-baked bots. It’s time to get out of the oven and into the fray!