Cube Raiders Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Cube Raiders


Cube Raiders is a fun puzzle game for one or two players where you have to combine groups of dice using the energy of MagnetoGloves to solve puzzles. Join Rose and Kirk in this head-breaking Cube Adventure and prove that you are a true Cube Raider. Cube Raiders offers gamers four different game modes for one or two players. -Face the dangers and surprises in each temple and solve more than 99 puzzles for just one player. -Have fun together and play a joint adventure with more than 59 puzzles created for two players. -Get the highest score in "Endless" mode before time runs out or the entire floor gets filled with dice! -Put companionship aside and show who the best Cube Raider is in the "Duel" mode.
Product Info:
Developer: Void Games
Publisher: JanduSoft
Website: Cube Raiders
Twitter: @JanduSoft