Signature Rigs

Xbox Game Pass for PC Presents: Signature Rigs Episode 1

Welcome to Signature Rigs, the series brought to you by Xbox Game Pass for PC – where we build signature, one-of-a-kind gaming rigs for some of your favorite people to help them discover their next favorite game. Our host, Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine), interviews some amazing people interested in PC gaming, gets the feel for what they want for their gaming rig, plus some ideas on what games they want to try on that new rig. She also gets crazy excited when anyone talks about Sea of Thieves – That might not be a regular thing on the show but it’s pretty funny to see her geek out about drinking grog this episode!

She then hands these amazing ideas off to tech expert and PC Building Legend Austin Evans – to craft what these beasts of machines are inevitably going to become. In this first episode, you’ll see the big unveil of the new gaming PC for special guest, Karl-Anthony Towns (KAT); all-star basketball player, and huge gamer.

Tune in to see the incredible rig we built for him, and check out the games he’s playing with Xbox Game Pass for PC.

We’re just getting started on PC Signature Rigs with Xbox Game Pass for PC. Who do you think we should build a one-of-a-kind gaming PC for next? Message us on Twitter with your ideas, and what you would make your dream gaming rig look like. See you next time!