Slide Stars

Play as Famous Influencers and Blast Through Wild Waterslides in Slide Stars

Slide Stars — available now for Xbox One — brings together over 20 of the world’s most popular influencers from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram! Play as your favorite star, jump on a bizarre ride, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Slide with Your Favorite Star

This time around it’s not Rayman, Crash, or even Sonic you’ll be playing as. No, instead you’ll be playing as Brent Rivera, Holly H, Jeff Seid or one of the many others. As we wanted to go for a completely new approach, we have invited social media sensations of all varieties and countries to dive into this challenge to find out if they will make it to the finish line!

A Fresh Platforming Experience

With Slide Stars we wanted to bring a new, colorful, and fun 2D adventure to those who love platform titles! When we look at the past few years, we feel far too few games like this have been released. Of course – we loved recent masterpieces like Rayman Legends and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, but even those released more than five years ago. That’s why we wanted to bring something new and exciting to the genre.

Slide Stars

The team behind Slide Stars previously worked on the mobile hit Uphill Rush, one of the most successful and fun water slide games of all time. For this title they combined all of this experience together with their extensive console knowledge, to create the first ever water racing – and balancing – platformer for Xbox One! Get ready to blast through exotic and adventurous water slides, filled with corkscrews, loops and many other crazy challenges.

What else can you expect? Slide Stars is filled with all kinds of wild platforming dangers and extraordinary enemies. It’s up to you and the star you’ll be playing as, to overcome rolling boulders, banana bomb throwing monkeys, dangerous spiders and even a colossal kraken that will haunt you using its tentacles!

To bring some extra color and fun into Slide Stars, we’ve included 20 super bizarre rides that you can unlock during your playthrough. These range from the iconic inflatable flamingo, a banana boat, a real-life shark and baby turtle, to even an enormous flying dragon! Due to the size and weight, each ride plays slightly different – which gives you the option to fall in love with the ride of your choice. You can also unlock a special skin for each!

Slide Stars

Make a Splash Together with a Friend

What’s more fun than sliding solo through crazy water slides? Doing so together, of course! We believe that games get better when you can enjoy them together. That’s why we always make multiplayer one of our big priorities in game development.

In Slide Stars you’ll both be able to play as the star of your choice and find out who’s the fastest. We believe this increases the fun tremendously for all players – and will make it a true couch multiplayer delight! Also, if you ever wanted to find out if Brent Rivera, Demi Rose or Dr. Mike slides the fastest – we got you covered!

Dive in to Slide Stars Today

One question remains: with whom will you make it to the finish line? Get ready for the world’s most extreme water slide adventure as Slide Stars is available now for Xbox One. Dive in!

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Slide Stars

Lion Castle

Get ready for extreme waterslide action as you blast through adventurous water worlds! Splash into the critically acclaimed Slide Stars adventure as your beloved stars make their console debut! Slide through tropical islands and hazy swamps packed with platforming perfection to experience a water thrill you’ve never seen before! Jump on various crazy rides, from the iconic pink Flamingo, to a live hungry shark and even a fire-breathing dragon! Play solo or team up with a friend in two-player multiplayer to overcome all platforming challenges and survive an army of unique enemies: from bomb throwing monkeys and chickens, to even a Kraken that is unleashed! Slide Stars is an accessible and fun experience for players of all kinds. It also features optional challenges for veteran players that will test their platforming skills to the max.