Monster Sanctuary Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S (And Included With Xbox Game Pass)

Xbox Live

Monster Sanctuary

Team17 Digital Ltd.

$19.99 $15.99
Xbox Game Pass
Choose your spectral familiar and follow in your ancestors’ footsteps to become a Monster keeper and save the Monster Sanctuary. Your quest begins with a choice of an ancient spectral familiar, a wistful monster who will guide your first steps into the sanctuary. They will be by your side as you catch your first of 111 monsters. From here it is up to you to hatch, collect and train monsters from across the Sanctuary! Each possesses unique abilities and a skill tree for you to customise as your team grows in strength. Explore a Metroidvania inspired world. The powers of your monsters will allow you to explore and expand the world. Cut down vines, smash down walls and glide over gaps- all with the help of your monsters. Collect, evolve and train! Hatch collect and train monsters from across the world and build your team. Every monster has a unique skill tree to allow you to customize and tailor your party. Battle in tactical 3V3 combat. Strategically order your attacks for maximum efficiency, stacking your attacks to deal devastating combos. Try out different team combinations and make use of synergies between your monsters. Encounter formidable foes, endurance challenges and train an unbeatable team! Clash in PvP Battles Across the Globe! Go head to head in a test of skill and ability in online player vs player! Gather and train monsters, max out their skill trees and take on friends and foes in an epic battle until your monsters are the last standing.
Product Info:
Developer: Moi Rai Games
Publisher: Team17 Digital
Website: Monster Sanctuary
Twitter: @moi_rai_ / @Team17Ltd