Online Sensation Neoverse is Now Available with Xbox Game Pass

We’re thrilled to announce the fantastic and breathtaking challenge of Neoverse is now available for players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass members. The world of Neoverse is a deck-building, action, rogue-lite game where your strategy will be more important than your luck. 

Assume your role as savior of the Neoverse

Three beautiful and unique characters with an assortment of costumes, hundreds of cards and skills teeming with strategy, and an endless array of diverse monsters are waiting for you. Your deck-building strategy and choice of garish tactics at critical cross-roads will be your weapons for conquering Neoverse — the story of your conquest will be unique to you and you alone.


Execute your strategy

In Neoverse, you need not worry that your fate be shaken by luck rather than strategy as it has in deckbuilding games you’ve played before. In Neoverse, so long as you carry Mana you can complete your strategy, for even if not one card remains in your deck your hand will always be full. The suspense of battle will be recorded as your earn bonus rewards vanquishing dangerous enemies with battle skills never before seen in a card game like Combo, Parry, and Precision.

Rouge-lite… Sort of

You new quest doesn’t end with just one journey. In addition to your cards and battle skills, with each boss you fell you earn valuable rewards to purchase gear for your character. Equip your character with up to three gear items prior to each journey to make your adventure a richer experience. Of course, all of your gear items can be worn by any of the three characters you select and will remain with you throughout your quest. As you advance to higher skill levels you will earn more rewards unlocking more powerful items and skills.


Although our team was inspired by numerous strategy games, we have worked hard to fuse Neoverse with a unique gameplay experience for the enjoyment of gamers everywhere. We hope that players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will find an infinite amount of joy in our game.

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SK, Ltd.

NEOVERSE is a time warping multiverse game consisting of thrilling adventures that are packed with great and exciting challenges; combining roguelite, deck building, strategy gameplay all in one. It puts your skills to the test. Set off on an adventure with unique heroes to save the living realms regardless of time and space. “Be the savior of Neoverse” -Create your own Strategy with 300 cards and over 100 skills -Choose from 3 charismatic characters, each with their own unique abilities and specialities. -Over 70 types of Monsters that need to be defeated in order to save the world, each with their different patterns -Multiple skill Combinations for each Hero -Master challenging levels for more Sophisticated Gamers “Start your journey across time and space to save Neoverse” -Experience Different combinations by using new cards each time you play -Your future destinations will depend on every decisions you make -Plots and enemies dodging over the past, the future and beyond are legendary tales yet to be told. “Endless gaming experience” -Strategy Customization is key to saving the Neoverse -Auto-draw system for remaining cards -Weave your talent tree and create your own skill combination -Switch between various gear options to master your game “Become who you want to be” -Unlock the DLC and have even more fun throughout the Neoverse -Customize your character to merge into your unique role as a Hero “Transcend Time and Space by becoming a time traveling Hero” Immerse yourself on your journey through Neoverse, your problems, your joy – all these things become one, and you will find yourself transcended to the future.