• The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos is out now
  • This is the second and final story-based expansion for The Outer Worlds
  • In this DLC, solve the Halcyon colony’s grandest murder mystery!

The second and final story-driven expansion for The Outer Worlds is now available! For those who want to do more in the Halcyon colony, travel to Eridanos can now commence. Don’t expect a peaceful vacation, though! The iconic aetherwave actor, Halcyon Helen, star of “Terror On Monarch,” and the spokesperson for Rizzo’s new refreshing Spectrum Brown Vodka (coming soon to stores, bars, and vending machines near you… ask your local Rizzo’s representative for more details!) is dead! It’s up to you and your crew, along with the trusty Discrepancy Amplifier, to get to the bottom of the case.

Approach the case however you’d like and narrow down the suspect list from the likes of famous tossball player, Black Hole Bertie, or the “Terror on Monarch” leading actor, Spencer Woolrich. Perhaps it was even Helen’s automechanical co-star, Burbage-3001! Make use of your complimentary room at the Grand Colonial Hotel to set up your own investigation headquarters. You find the motive, you accuse the criminal.

Per your unbridled interest in the Halcyon colony, you are reminded that it is your duty to fulfill this obligation on Eridanos. Don’t worry as the Board has graciously supplied three additional scientific weapons to discover, additional armor sets, granted three additional levels to the current level cap and plenty of support staff to make your journey more enjoyable amicable functional.

These tools will be critical to your success as you will come across a variety of hostile indigenous life as well as potential unruly ex-employees. At your disposal, you will also have the Discrepancy Amplifier. This miraculous scientific marvel allows you to reveal hidden anomalies or abnormalities, and each discovery may be one step closer in determining the culprit. 

[embed TOW_MoE_Screenshot_Xbox07.png]

As mandated by policy, every employee is allowed a very brief rest period. Take a relaxing stroll through Rizzo’s Purpleberry Orchards or kick back at the local bar with a bottle many varieties of Spectrum Vodka (the Board reminds you that lollygagging, tardiness, horseplay, complaining, fraternizing, or any negative impact – both physically and emotionally – to other employees or yourself will result in a dock in your pay). Be sure to also pack some eye protection because due to the positioning of Eridanos in the upper stratosphere of the gas giant and perpetual motion of the station, it is always sunny.

Lastly, research shows that employee productivity increases by 86.5% when accompanied by musical numbers, so the Board has created the following jingle for all employees to memorize enjoy. We had a blast creating this rhythmic introduction to this fantastic expansion and recommend checking it out to see (and sing along) to all Murder on Eridanos has to offer.

In case you missed it, the first expansion, The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon, is also available independently for $14.99 or through The Outer Worlds Expansion Pass with the second expansion for extra savings at the price of $24.99. Xbox Game Pass owners will be able to get Murder on Eridanos or The Outer Worlds Expansion Pass at a 10% discount. So be sure to join us, remember the Board requires requests you to do so, as The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos launches today, March 17, for $14.99 USD.