Sanity of Morris

Sanity of Morris: Psychological Horror Storytelling with a Paranoia Twist

In Sanity of Morris, you follow the clues left behind by your father, who claims to have proof of extraterrestrials in town, and then mysteriously disappears.

“It’s not like my dad to call at all, let alone leave cryptic voicemails. Could it be he’s finally lost it? Early-onset dementia?” – Jonathan Morris

Scary & Intriguing

Sanity of Morris is a chilling psychological horror exactly like you’d expect, complete with scary basements, mysterious noises, and monsters chasing you… But, the game really shines with its light-based stealth mechanics and intricate intrigue. In Sanity of Morris, you collect clues to find out what happened to your father. Have his wild theories any truth to them at all?

Sanity of Morris

Flashlight & Notebook

You are equipped with nothing more than a flashlight and a notebook, and it is up to you to step into the shoes of Johnathan Morris and keep facts from fiction. Using that flashlight, you will reveal clues like footprints and hidden messages that you need find out the truth. Doing so you construct a timeline of events in your journal, that will help you puzzle out what is going on.

Sanity of Morris

Balance Stealth with Curiosity

As you follow the trail of breadcrumbs left by your father, you will have to think twice if you want to follow him blindly. Whatever got him, might be out for you too, and the light that reveals clues, will also help enemies who are trying to find you.

Sanity of Morris

Block and Create Paths

In the game you will encounter mysterious plants that react to light, allowing you to create new pathways to traverse. This will have you move by stealth through bizarre environments too extraordinary to believe. Climbing over roots, and crawling through slimy ducts. What kind of plants grow like this? Did your father experiment with them?

Sanity of Morris

Sanity of Morris is available now and is the result of a lot of love, blood, sweat, and tears by the publishing team of StickyLock and the developer team of Alterego Games. Buy Sanity of Morris today and ready yourself for an unbelievable experience.

Xbox Live

Sanity of Morris


"Dad’s urgent message, these documents… They don’t match up. Start thinking John. Build a case, write it down." Unnatural events are taking place in small-town Greenlake. A bloodcurdling Psychological Horror Detective. Move around unseen, outmaneuvering your enemies. Search for hidden clues to find your father. Discover YOUR version of the truth. Could there be aliens in Greenlake? Gameplay Using your flashlight reveals the vital clues you need, but risks you being seen. The game combines elements of stealth games with detective-adventure and psychological horror for a gripping story. Story After years of next to no contact, Johnathan Morris arrives in the isolated town of Greenlake to check up on the mental state of his father. Nothing is as he expected it to be. There are deadly forces at work that don’t want John snooping around. Equipped with nothing more than a flashlight and a notebook, it is up to you to step into the shoes of Johnathan and tell fact from fiction.