Death’s Door Coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One This Summer

As we revealed on today’s /twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox, we’re thrilled to reveal Death’s Door and announce that it is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this Summer! This is a dream game for our small team, and we can’t wait to share this unique and distinctive world we’ve been busy handcrafting over the past few years!

Death’s Door is a fantasy action-adventure set in a world where Crows are in charge of reaping the souls of the dead, operating from their headquarters known as the Hall of Doors. One of the Crows (that’s you) gets sent on assignment to a twisted place where nothing has died for several centuries…

Venturing beyond the Doors you will find a vibrant, fully explorable open world, filled with weird and wonderful characters, intrigue and secrets. Creatures here live far past their expiry, causing their souls to overflow with greed and power. The longest-living inhabitants have become colossal tyrants conquering each of the corners of the region, with backstories and motivations of their own… You’re a reaper, and their corrupted souls need retrieving – I’m sure you’ve figured out what you need to do! Be prepared for varied and intense challenges along the way to each of your targets – a healthy mix of mini brawls, action-packed romps, and boss battles. Combat is easy to get to grips with – your dodgeroll and slash combos are fluid, fast, and responsive – but you’ll want to utilize unlockable weapons, arrows and magic abilities to become an unstoppable Reaper. Or, you can pick up an umbrella at the office and use that for every fight in the game. We won’t stop you. Either way, don’t forget to take those precious souls back to the Hall of Doors to trade in for stat upgrades to match and enhance your playstyle.

Death’s Door is a challenging game that tells a dark and somber tale, but all that doom and gloom is balanced out by touches of humor and positivity. You’ll bring hope to the memorable lineup of uniquely strange yet friendly characters who are trying to make their way in this sinister world. You can fill the stagnant land with new life by planting seeds everywhere you explore, inviting little forest spirits to make their home here (and maybe even take a liking to you!)

All the little details are what get us really excited at Acid Nerve, and we’re super pleased at how many fun little touches and deep secrets we’ve managed to get into the game. This all adds up to what we hope is going to be an unforgettable adventure with a vibe all its own, that tells an engaging tale and takes you on a satisfying journey. We can’t wait for you to play it!