Find the Impostor When Among Us Comes to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in 2021

When Among Us first came out in 2018, it came out with very little fanfare. A few downloads, some social media posts, and that’s about it. There was no way to predict how many people would eventually pick up the game, and honestly, we’re still in shock over how it’s all happened. Who knew sneaking around, accusing your friends of murder, and being wrong could be so fun?

Among Us is about two different seemingly conflicting ideas – that you need to work together with your crew, but also that you can’t trust anyone but yourself. This has spawned so many amazing moments, and it’s been so fun hearing stories from our communities of all the ways Among Us has helped them connect with friends, family, and other fellow crewmates all over the world. So many people have connected over our game – livestreams, songs, animations, schools, work, charity events – we’re grateful. And, as was mentioned in the /twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox today, we can’t wait to get our game out to more people, no matter their preferred platform!

Considering how our game started as nothing more than a small, local, mobile only experience, it is so cool to us that it’ll be coming to Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass with online and local multiplayer. And the best part is being able to play with your friends no matter what platform they’re on – hooray for cross-platform play! The Xbox version of Among Us will also include our newest and biggest map, The Airship.

Hopefully, I’ll see you on Among Us sometime, whether that’s on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass. I can’t wait to see the kinds of shenanigans you get up to with your crew… or if you find our you’re actually better as an Impostor. Watch out for that eject button!