Rogue Company Season One Event

Introducing the Rogue Company Season One Event

Introducing the Season One Arms Dealer Update, the newest addition to the first season of Rogue Company! In the Arms Dealer event, all Rogue Company players will be able to access all new Arms Dealer missions, featuring a variety of objectives which can be completed during Rogue Company matches. Complete mission objectives and you’ll be rewarded by the Arms Dealer with credits, which can be spent on your choice of shipments. Featuring a selection of all-new cosmetic items, shipments contain emotes, weapon wraps, avatars, and more! 

Want even more content? The Arms Dealer event also includes the option to purchase exclusive shipments for Rogue Bucks, which feature additional cosmetics – including the new Neon Override Gl1tch outfit. Purchase all shipments in the Arms Dealer event and you’ll also unlock the special reserve shipment for free, which includes the newest legendary outfit – Combat Medic Saint!

Rogue Company Season One Event

This update also features the addition of the newest 2v2 skirmish map, Rooftops, and the new Dodgeball game mode. Featuring scenic sprawling seaside views of Miami, Rooftops may be a relaxing travel destination for some, but for Rogue Company it’s a deadly battleground located 20 stories above ground level and primed for quick, close-quarters encounters. Watch your step –  it’s a long way down! Dodgeball, the latest limited time game mode, features fast team-based gameplay that puts a unique spin on team deathmatch: get eliminated by the enemy team and you’ll be placed in a respawn queue, where you’ll have the opportunity to respawn… as soon as your teammates eliminate an enemy player! It’s a back-and-forth battle for dominance at truly breakneck speeds!

Rogue Company Season One has seen the addition of new maps, a new Battle Pass, and new Rogues, and on top of that we are proud to launch our first major event of the year! Play the Season One Arms Dealer Event Update free today in Rogue Company, including the new Rooftops map and the new Dodgeball game mode!