Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Three

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Three is Live

Perseus stands on the edge of total domination and chaos reigns in Verdansk. Welcome to Season Three in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Experience the new Warzone, Verdansk ‘84, plus four more multiplayer maps, six new weapons, and the next chapter of Zombies in Outbreak.

Here’s what’s coming to Season Three, live now.

Welcome to the New Warzone: An Overview of Verdansk ‘84

Welcome to a new era in Warzone. Season Three winds back the clock to 1984, with a fully reimagined Verdansk optimized for a greater variety of gameplay and major changes all over the map. Now fully tied into the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War storyline, Verdansk is like you’ve never seen it before on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Here are just some of the major changes you’ll see in Verdansk ‘84:

  • Gora Viaduct: A feat of 19th century engineering, the viaduct spans the Gora River Valley, with dams upstream feeding the lush grassland. Find ascenders, drop off the bridge onto gondola roofs, and perform epic vehicle stunts.
  • Old Verdansk Stadium: While the Verdansk Sparks expect a new stadium soon, they need to play elsewhere while the old stadium is dismantled. In 1984, the demolition site is still open with high vantage points such as an announcer booth, an archaic scoreboard, and a parked crane. There may even be a hole in the arena wall big enough to allow a Cargo Truck onto the pitch!
  • Salt Mine: In 1984, Verdansk’s Quarry was the region’s largest salt mine. Two large (and currently sealed) entrances lead into the salt mine, a location with numerous old mine conduits and a large craggy hillside with containment ponds and factories to explore.
  • Superstore: This popular drop returns to 1984 with changes and improved game flow. On the roof, skylights allow you to crash as you enter through the main interior of Superstore. New exterior windows sit in the southwest edge to the reception area. You can even access the tops of the shelves and a central refrigerated section under the roof.

1984 Verdansk – 2021 Strategy Guide, Updated and Free

Read more about the “retrofitted” changes in “The Official Warzone Strategy Guide”. This update includes the full breakdown of tactics, tips, loadout suggestions, and over 400 points of interest in Verdansk ’84. Check out the entire guide here.

“Hunt for Adler” Event

The new “Hunt for Adler” limited-time event starts at launch of Season Three in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, tasking operators to complete in-game challenges, earn event rewards, and learn of Adler’s whereabouts.

Once you’ve completed a full set of challenges in either Black Ops Cold War or Warzone, you’ll unlock an exclusive Adler skin for use in both games!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Three

Six New Weapons

Expand your arsenal with six new Season Three weapons:

  • PPSh-41 SMG (Launch Week) – This classic SMG spits fire for an aggressive playstyle that’s ideal for leading the charge.
  • Swiss K31: Sniper Rifle (Launch Week) – With fast rechamber and aiming speeds with a large ammo capacity, this bolt-action sniper rifle creates exceptional accuracy.

Unlock more weapons throughout Season Three by completing in-game challenges or by purchasing their corresponding bundles in the Store. In Season Three, keep an eye out for the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle, the AMP63 pistol, the Baseball Bat, and the Ballistic Knife (which is available only in Cold War at Season Three launch).

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Three

New Multiplayer Maps, Outbreak Content and More in Zombies, and Additional Features

  • Yamantau (6v6, Launch Week): Fight through the crumbled remains and bury your enemies at the Soviet observatory on Mt. Yamantau. Battle through a massive, downed satellite dish, snowy interiors, and broken catwalks.
  • Diesel (6v6/2v2/3v3, Launch Week): In the lonesome desert and a slice of Americana, battle around the gas station and its surrounding buildings.
  • Standoff (6v6, In-Season): Watch the building and mind the hay bales. Season Three sees the return of this iconic three-lane medium sized map from the fan and pro scene.
  • Duga (Multi-Team In-Season, Outbreak at Launch): Only the strongest Operators can hope to survive the cruel terrain in the Ural Mountains in this new Multi-Team environment. Move through the central admin offices for close-range battle or work around the perimeter through the bus depot to the chemical processing plant for long-range. No need to wait until mid-season to play Duga! Drop into the map coming exclusively to Zombies in Outbreak at launch for the first half of Season Three!
  • Multi-Team Elimination (In-Season): Multiple teams of four will fight to survive ever-expanding radiation zones in the Multi-team Elimination mode coming to Black Ops Cold War’s biggest maps. Emerge as the last team standing or the first squad to board the exfil chopper in the final safe zone to achieve victory.
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Three

Sticks and Stones Returns at Season Launch

Sticks and Stones is back for Black Ops Cold War and it is every operator for themselves. Each player deploys with the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow, Ballistic Knife, and a Tomahawk. The first player to reach the score limit or the player with the highest score when the timer expires wins.

New Scorestreak: Strafe Run (Launch Week)

Rack up kills or hold down an area for your team by calling upon a pair of jet fighters to shower lead and rockets down upon the DZ with this new mid-tier Scorestreak. With a longer active period and higher potential for kills compared to Scorestreaks like the Napalm Strike, the Strafe Run is a solid choice for any MP mode.

New Outbreak Vehicles: FAV and Cargo Truck (Launch Week)

Hit the road with two new vehicles for Outbreak. Gun down zombies while racing for the next objective with the high-speed Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) or fit the whole squad as you hunt Special and Elite zombies with the Cargo Truck.

New Field Upgrade: Toxic Growth

Requiem’s R&D team has developed Toxic Growth in round-based maps and Outbreak, a Field Upgrade that summons a deadly growth of toxic thorns that reduce zombie movement speed by half and deals toxic damage to enemies. Operators can upgrade Toxic Growth using Aetherium Crystals to double its damage, give it more charges, and even cause enemies who perish from the growth to explode!

New Outbreak World Events and Features (Launch Week)

Gain access to upgrades for the D.I.E. Machine Wonder Weapon, unlock the powerful Aether Tool item by destroying Fury Crystals, discover the secret to warping ahead to higher difficulty regions even faster, and more for the first time in Outbreak.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Three

New Battle Pass, Prestige Levels, and More

This is just the surface of what Season Three is bringing along with a new Battle Pass, three new playable operators — Wraith, Antonov, and Knight — new prestige levels, new challenges in Multiplayer and Zombies, and more. Plus, those who purchase or already own any version of Black Ops Cold War at the start of Season Three will receive the Captain Price Operator for use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Haven’t yet joined the fight? Get Black Ops Cold War on the Xbox Store today, and prepare for Season Three!

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