A New Way to Give Feedback on the Xbox Adaptive Controller

At Xbox we’re always looking for opportunities to improve gaming experiences. In 2018, we launched the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Since then, we received feedback from fans and Xbox Insiders that we need easier ways to report accessibility bugs related to the controller. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve added the Xbox Adaptive Controller as sub-category you can report on! 

Not only does this change make it easier for you to report Xbox Adaptive Controller bugs, the new classification will also help us triage your feedback to the correct team as quickly as possible. 

How to send feedback 

In the Report a Problem app, set your Category to “Hardware and Accessories” and your Subcategory to “Xbox Adaptive Controller.”  

From there, describe the problem and submit to send it our way.  

We’ve also added the Xbox Adaptive Controller as an option under Ease of Access, just in case you look for there it.  

What to report 

The new category in Report a Problem is made exclusively for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. If the controller is not performing as expected, for example it doesn’t pair as it should with a game, app and other feature, or if the controller is not performing correctly after an update, please let us know.  

Alternatively, if you or someone you know is looking for help on how to use the controller, we recommend checking out the Xbox Adaptive Controller FAQ.  

What to include in my report 

The more we know about your issue, the more we can do. 

When submitting your problem, let us know if:  

  • The Xbox Adaptive Controller is hard-wired or connected via Bluetooth or Xbox Wireless radio 
  • For peripheral related reports: 
  • What is plugged in 
  • Where it’s plugged in (Right USB, X1, RT, etc.) 

We’ll of course take any other details you’ll give us, such as the order you plugged everything in and turned it on. This can be a lot to type, so don’t forget that you can use a keyboard on the Xbox console! 

We Appreciate You! 

As always, thank you so much for your participation in the Xbox Insider Program and helping us make gaming more accessible! When everyone plays, we all win. 

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