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Xbox Game Pass Helps European Gamers Stay Connected

At Xbox, we’ve conducted some new research with a third party which highlights the valuable role that Xbox Game Pass plays in helping players in Europe stay connected. The study itself is based on a sample of 14,000 gamers across Europe and provides a deeper look at how gamers view and use subscription services and in particular Xbox Game Pass, for their entertainment. More specifically, it highlights that Xbox Game Pass members are more likely to connect with friends and family through gaming on a regular basis compared to non-members.

Based on the responses in the survey around half (53%) of gamers in Europe play multiplayer games online at least once a week. Meanwhile, we’ve seen from our own data that having a shared library of games across devices is particularly special for our members and when we look at this in the context of the research, this figure increases for Xbox Game Pass members. Xbox Game Pass members according to this research are more social and engaged with different types of gaming overall and are significantly more likely to play multiplayer games online (17% more likely) as well as playing games online with both family (19% more likely) and friends (18% more likely).

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We believe that gaming has a unique power to bring people together, and it’s incredible to see how Xbox Game Pass plays a valuable role for so many people across Europe who use gaming as a way to connect with friends and family on a regular basis.

We’ve built Xbox Game Pass from the ground up based on feedback from members and the community and the research builds on what we’re hearing directly. They’ve told us they want a curated collection of great games, more options for how they play, and value is huge. Based on the recent research, we saw that some of the main reasons European gamers sign up to a new service like Xbox Game Pass is: access to lots of different content (59%), ease of set up (55%) and immediate access to new content as it releases (55%).

With Xbox Game Pass, members can access over 100 games, so you can download and get playing straight away. Ease of access is something we’re hearing a lot about and that’s why we’ve focused on offering Xbox Game Pass on the devices you want to play on, whether it’s console, PC or Android mobile devices via cloud gaming (Beta). Lastly, there’s always something new to play as we premiere Xbox Game Studios titles with Xbox Game Pass on day one of their release. What’s more, the library is constantly being updated with new games added all the time including AAA games, additions of Bethesda Softworks games (new to the Xbox family) and incredible ID@Xbox games.

This research has been fascinating for me to see how gamers in Europe use and view subscription services. And personally, it inspires me to see how Xbox Game Pass plays a valuable role for so many people across Europe who use gaming to connect with family and friends. I can’t wait for more people to experience Xbox Game Pass for themselves and to see how gamers continue to use this service in the future to connect.