Warface: The Swarm

Fight Bloodthirsty Arachnids in New Warface Season

Biological diversity is absolutely essential for proper development of the ecosystem on our planet. However, one extra species can irrevocably tilt the fragile balance. In this case, the dominant life form has to take care of the situation. My.Games are glad to present the season Swarm, a new chapter in the Warface story.

Do you enjoy the atmosphere of classic horror films of the ’80s? Then you will definitely love the new adventure. Winding passages will lead you to the pitch darkness that reigns in mysterious laboratories and damp tunnels of a grim underground bunker. This latest update also brings a brand new Swarm-inspired PvP map, and a themed Battle Pass: Season 11!

Warface: The Swarm

A ship of Martian colonists crashed in the Death Valley. Blackwood were quick to react by erecting a military base on the site. However, they did not manage to fully control the horror that crept and built up under the surface of the Earth. Strange creatures broke free and now pose danger to all living beings. To eliminate the threat to the civilian population, one of the best Warface units “Sigma-3” is deployed to the region.

The “Swarm” raid will become a nightmare that you will have to live in reality! This new page in the Warface story offers lots of unique gameplay features, including blood-chilling ambience, dangerous new enemies, and a flamethrower to fight predatory creatures protected by solid chitinous carapace. Fight together with your team, and arm yourself with a devastating arsenal of weapons coated with chitin and poisonous saliva of bloodthirsty arachnids to save humanity from extinction!

Warface: The Swarm

Players who enjoyed the Warface’s limited-time progression events can look forward to another opportunity to smash challenges and earn amazing equipment. Battle Pass: Season 11 is launching alongside the Swarm season, and it’s packed with another round of exclusive weapons and gear!

On the new team deathmatch map, you can feel the atmosphere of gloomy tunnels that Blackwood transformed into a research base. Watch out: dangerous opponents can be right behind your back. The location provides a highly intensive combat at close and long ranges. The team deathmatch kicks off inside the tunnel behind its gate. The defense team starts the battle in the dead end of a railway tunnel, while the attacking team begins the combat on the opposite side of the map, behind a truck.

Will you manage to deal with pestilent insects or will the hive turn out too powerful to destroy? Summon all your courage, and get ready to burn the bugs out. The Swarm season is now available in Warface!