Green Hell Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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Green Hell

Creepy Jar

GREEN HELL is an Open World Survival Simulator set in the Amazonian rainforest. You are left in the jungle without any food or equipment, trying to survive and find your way out. On this journey, you won’t get any help from the outside world. Equipped only with your bare hands you’ll have to learn actual survival techniques to build shelters, make tools, and craft weapons in order to hunt and defend yourself. Constantly threatened by the jungle you’ll fight with both wild animals and tropical illnesses. You will strive to not only keep your life but also your sanity. You can do it alone or with up to four friends in co-op play. Green Hell contains the complete Spirits of Amazonia prequel (parts: 1, 2, 3) with over 20 hours of additional gameplay. Now with extra content - the Animal Husbandry Update for free.
Product Info:
Developer: Creepy Jar
Publisher: Creepy Jar
Website: Green Hell
Twitter: @creepy_jar@GreenHellGame

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